Secrets of proper hydration

Fortunately, many people already understand that beauty and health go hand in hand, and without one there is no second. Often the reason that the hair or skin does not look as beautiful as we would like is the lack of moisture or improper hydration. In our article we will learn how to properly, quickly and effectively take care of yourself.

Of course, it’s complicated, but it’s not at all necessary to trust it only to professionals. The first, simplest rule is to use cool or cold water. When you wash off hair balm or just wash, do not turn on hot water, as cold water helps to compress the skin pores and hair cuticles, due to which moisture is retained more reliably. It will also be useful to take care of humidifying the air at home, because heating systems make the air much more dry. Hair dryers, curling irons or ironing extremely negatively affect the condition of the hair, overdrying it, so it is better to eliminate their use as much as possible.

does not necessarily consist of creams or masks.It is important to think over your own diet: try to make it a habit to drink a sufficiently large amount of plain, non-carbonated water, and also eliminate alcohol, because it removes fluid from the body. The same goes for coffee. Make sure that your food is as healthy as possible, rich in vitamins: eat fish, nuts, fresh vegetables and fruits more often. If this fails, consult your doctor and drink vitamins or recommended dietary supplements.

very important and can be done in different ways. Already available are special devices that deeply saturate the skin with steam containing the substances necessary for its health. The same applies to the hair, often such devices are in beauty salons, but you can order them for use at home, especially since using them is not at all difficult.

Come to caring for yourself wisely and remember that attention to yourself and the effort expended will pay off several times, it's so good to feel and see yourself healthy and beautiful!