Signs and fortune telling for the old New Year

There is not a single person who would not like to know what will happen tomorrow, in a month, in a year ... All people strive to become the masters of their own destiny, and for this you need to have knowledge about the future. Knowing everything about the future troubles and trials, you can arm in advance and meet the blows of fate fully armed. Unfortunately, knowing what will be, is not given, so people from antiquity have found ways of divination or deciphering the various signs and signs given by fate or Higher forces.

The best time for fortune telling in 2019 is the period from Christmas to Epiphany, the so-called Christmas Market. No wonder there is a huge amount of old Christmas fortune-telling and will take, associated with the predictions of the future.

The list of the most truthful will take on the old New Year

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A holiday like the old New Year exists only with us. In pre-Petrine times, and before the transition to the new style of chronology, this day celebrated St. Basil's Day, so there are many signs and divinations related to this holiday.

  • If a person feels unwell on this day or is accidentally injured, the next year should be seriously worried about health.
  • On this day, you can not count the trifle in either your pockets or in your purses - this presages a constant shortage of money next year.
  • Children born on this day must be baptized and fumigated from evil spirits and undead.
  • For the year to be successful, after 12, a man must first enter the house, and only with dark hair.
  • A few minutes before midnight, the hostess should go around the house with a lit candle in order to clean it from all filth.
  • Exactly at midnight, the owner must knock three times on the threshold with an ax butt with the words: "Health, money, bread."
  • On this day, you cannot take out the house and throw garbage - it is believed that with it you will endure and good luck.
  • You can not borrow anything, otherwise you will live the whole year with debts.
  • If snow fell in the morning, then the winter will be snowy, and the spring will be early.
  • If on this day there is thaw and ice, the harvest will be rich and the cattle breeding will be good.
  • If on this day to hold a matchmaking or a conspiracy, the life of the young will be happy and harmonious.
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Divination for the old New Year

Previously, in the old New Year, it was necessary to enlist the support of the Higher Forces and to divine the new crop. To do this, the mistress gave the children the youngest in the family grain and ordered to scatter around the house. It was necessary to observe how the grain lay down: one by one or in groups, covering the entire floor or eating bald spots. Then the grain was carefully harvested and stored until sowing, and then mixed with the seeds and sown fields.

To find out what this year promises the family, they cooked fertile porridge. Late in the evening, the oldest woman in the family followed the grain to the barn, and the oldest man followed the water to the well. After that, the whole family went through the grits, while maintaining complete silence, and put the iron in the furnace. At that moment everyone had to get up from the table and bow to the belt of porridge with the words:

"Blessed porridge, fertile porridge, tell me what awaits us next year."

If the finished porridge ran out of the cast iron or burned, and the iron cracked, then such signs promised the family trouble and various misfortunes. This mess was thrown into the flowing water, so that she took with her all the trouble. And if the porridge turned out to be ruddy and crumbly, then the year must be waited for good, successful in everything.The porridge was left on the table, and in the morning they were eaten by the whole family straight from the iron.

In the southern regions of Russia and in Ukraine, the custom of generosity is common. Young boys and girls, dressed up in strange and unusual costumes, walked around the village with generous songs, congratulating them on their holiday and begging for food. It is believed that the more and more diverse you serve ryazheny, the more successful the new year will be.

If during a festive dinner to leave the table and look at the brightly lit windows of the neighboring houses, you can predict the future of their relatives. If the people sitting at the table are clearly visible, then the whole family will be together the whole year, if someone is not visible, but you can only hear conversations, it can be concluded that someone will not be around for some time.

Christmas time - the right time for divination by the suitors. The easiest and easiest divination at home - on the threads. Unmarried girls pick up threads of the same length and at the same time set fire to them. The girl whose thread will burn the fastest will be the quickest to marry. If the thread accidentally goes out, then this is a bad sign: you will have to wait for the groom for a long time.

A simple way of guessing and on nutshells.In a large bowl with water, drop two shells and watch: if the shells converge, soon there will be a wedding, if they swim separately, the girl will not wait for the desired offer soon, and if one of the shells drowns, it will take a long time to get married.

Helpful Tips

On the morning of January 13, 2019, clean the house, burn all rubbish, remove dirty clothes and be sure to wear clean, and if you can, new ones. With this simple act you leave all illnesses, misfortunes, failures last year, and with you take only good luck and luck.

Do not forget to treat a brownie on this day. Put a cup of milk and a plate of cookies or buns in the nook in the house and say:

“Uncle Brownie, here's a treat for you, forgive me if you offended you. Let's live in peace and harmony. "

The grain, which poured onto your floor by carolling and generous young men and women, cannot be thrown away. It should be gently swept away and hidden in a secluded place. If in the spring to feed this grain of chickens, they will be well nestled and will bring many healthy chickens.

In order for the fruit trees to give a good harvest, you need to remove the snow from them after sunset.

In order to have a rich harvest in the garden, on a festive evening it is possible to rake the snow with the words:

"I do not snow the rowing - I rake, I bless the holy land. Sleep, rest, and in the spring do not forget that the work is waiting for you until the seventh sweat. May my harvest be rich, may the land be generous to me. ”

Cheerful and mysterious holiday - the old New Year or Vasiliev evening. It is a pity that recently they began to forget about him. Although in rural areas it is celebrated with the same pomp.

A special sign of the holiday is considered to be a richly laid table. A must-have attribute of the holiday table is kutia: porridge made from wheat with honey and dried fruits, as well as pork dishes. A particularly good sign is the whole fried suckling pig - a symbol of well-being and fertility. Our ancestors believed that if you eat plenty of pork on this day, you will be full and healthy all year round, children will appear in the family, and the offspring will always please the owners.

By the way, sweet kutyu was cooked mainly in the southern regions, and in other places it was cooked with meat and richly filled with fried lard.

In addition, the hostess cooked dumplings predictions.They put different fillings: a coin, salt or sugar, ember, a ring, a piece of pickled cucumber. By filling and determined who and what promises the new year.

The coin is for money, bread is for wealth, the ring is for marriage, the bean or pea is for heir, ember is for trouble, bay leaf is for honor.

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Divination in the old New Year is not only a favorite entertainment, it is a tradition, rooted in deep antiquity.