Sims: how to become a mermaid?

Dmitry Ermolinsky
Dmitry Ermolinsky
December 21, 2012
Sims: how to become a mermaid?

There are several ways in the game Sims, how to become a mermaid, and some of them require a lot of time and effort. But there is also a code for the Sims game, which will help you to become a mermaid without any special efforts. Let's look at several ways to become a mermaid in a Sims game.


  1. Install the addition "Seasons".
  2. In the "City" mode, make sure it was summer.
  3. Create a family of Sims, Sims and another character who will pay the bills.
  4. We populate them in the house and make a pond.
  5. One of the characters set to catch fish. If his needs begin to decline, then we stop the fishing process and, while holding the Ctrl + shift + C keys, enter the code - maxMotives. After that, the mood of the characters will be at the highest level.
  6. The character must fish for two Sims-years. Then he will move away from the edge of the pond, look at his hands, rise above the ground and turn into a mermaid after a flash.

Death sims

This way is peeped on video: Sims - how to become a mermaid. We purchase a plot, we make a pool, we create two SIMs and we settle them on the plot.We send one SIM card to swim in the pool, and the second - to live on the site and pay bills. At the pool we remove the stairs and set the fence. After the death of a swimmer, a stranger will call with a proposal to raise the unfortunate for 5 thousand. After the resurrection of Simka will not be very beautiful almost dead mermaid.

Catch and drink

We catch fish in water until we catch ... a bottle, its contents should be drunk. Later, Simka will feel that she wants to swim in the ocean. When she is in the water, it will turn into a mermaid.

How to become a mermaid through the soul?

  1. Install the additions "Trip" and "Nightlife".
  2. We start to dig up your site until we find a map from the island of Tweeky, on which a mysterious place is marked.
  3. Go to the island and stay in the hotel. Click on the phone and find ourselves in the village.
  4. We go in the house to the shaman. He can repair the equipment in the house and get a voodoo doll for it, which must be removed in his belongings.
  5. We go to the main bay of the lake, where a book will appear in your personal belongings, you need to read it. After that, the lake will begin to glow, and the waves will bring a dead mermaid to the shore.
  6. Click on it and select the action - "Take the Soul."
  7. Simka turns into a mermaid, which will not come to the land.

How to become a mermaid in Sims: code

There is a Sims code. How to become a mermaid? This question will disappear by itself after using this code. You need to do the following:

  1. Create the action "Swim"
  2. Enter the code Boolprop ertvimeia true and turn into a mermaid.