Skin problems

Recently, I began to notice redness on my skin, which is accompanied by itching. Even after giving birth, my hair began to fall out strongly, some scabs appeared on my scalp. Advise a good doctor in Kiev. Maybe you need to take vitamins?
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Answered 8 august 10:49
During pregnancy, hormonal changes occur in the body of every woman. Your body worked for two, and you had to, even from the moment you got pregnant, take vitamins.
Answered 8 august 10:54
Go to your clinic, you may have to visit more than one doctor. To determine your disease, most likely you will be assigned to take tests. When you already know the diagnosis, then you can look for a doctor.
Answered on August 8 14:06
Once I was diagnosed incorrectly in our clinic, after that I don’t go there anymore. I do not argue, there are professional doctors in clinics, perhaps it was so unlucky for me. I think you need to contact a good dermatologist.