Slavic miracle

Croatia - this is a country, visiting which you will be happy. This is a country of contrasts. Here you can relax both on warm sand and on excursions in the mountains. This is an amazing place where people are passed on from generation to generation and appreciate traditions.

Most of the tourists know Croatia, as a country where you can relax by the sea, which is why the Brownie Apartments serve. However, it is not. Not only beach resorts are the main attractions of this magnificent Slavic country. In the heart of Croatia, amid a dense forest, far from civilization, there is a paradise. Park "Plitvice Lakes" is one of the most beautiful in the world. In the park there are 16 lakes, which connect with each other 92 waterfalls, which, in turn, formed 20 caves. And all this miracle can be considered for 2 days, because most often people buy tickets for 2 days. There is nothing here that would pollute nature. Around the park in the forest is full of wild animals, protected from the greedy hands of man. Very often, when weather changes, lakes change their color from green to blue and vice versa. In the park there is a small hotel where you can spend the night.This heavenly place is one of the most beautiful on our planet.

Dubrovnik is one of the oldest cities in Europe. White houses made of stone with red roofs and narrow streets, all this inspires in a person the atmosphere of antiquity. Since the 15th century, the city began to flourish, because the fishing industry developed at a fast pace. Now the pictures of the city cause a person to strive for beauty. Walking through the city, the tourist stops at every step, in order to photograph, what seemed to him beautiful or strange. Walking along the streets lined with paving stones, along with your soulmate, your soul is filled with an atmosphere of beauty, harmony and romance, as in the Best Western Plus Arkon Park Hotel.

The Onofrio Fountain bears its name in honor of its creator. Back in the 14th century, the Italian engineer Onofrio led water from a mountain spring to this fountain, from where water was provided to the entire city. This place is a combination of useful and pleasant. Many young people, especially lovers, gather here to admire the amazingly beautiful shape of the fountain. Although after the earthquake in 1667, the 2 nd floor of the fountain and several statues that adorned this place were destroyed, the fountain still remained extremely beautiful. And it is located in the same city of Dubrovnik.This amazing city is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the world.