Spectacular makeup with red lipstick

Bright and juicy lips - this is exactly the moment in the makeup of a girl who can profitably isolate her from the crowd, and also add confidence. But we all know that it is the red lipstick that is able, both to emphasize the feminine beauty, and to spoil the whole appearance. That is why many girls, in order not to incur mischief once again, try to avoid these bright shades, although they often dream of creating such an image.

There is an opinion that red lipstick is a style for the “chosen ones”, that is, such a color can be suitable only for girls who have the type for this purpose. All this is nonsense! Among an infinite number of red shades, each girl will be able to pick up the one that will fit her name, the main thing is to stick to some rules for choosing lipstick.

A bit of history

For some reason, many girls never even tried to try on themselves makeup with red lips. Apparently, there are stupid conventions here that the red color of the lips is almost a symbol of debauchery and sexual desire and even readiness.If you do not pay attention to stupid stereotypes, you can understand that the red color of lipstick is always in fashion, and it has been dragging on since ancient times.

An interesting fact is that at the end of the 19th century only actresses and girls of the “ancient profession” used red lipstick, such a combination. Apparently, the roots of such a sexual call to lipstick grow from here, and besides, there were only two colors - red lipstick for blondes and red for brunettes.

The color scheme, of course, is not enough, but, nevertheless, the application of lipstick is not stuck at this stage, but on the contrary, it was actively developing. Over time, the number of shades increased, but, again, they were all exactly red shades. In the 20 years of the last century, the use of lipstick became a sign of emancipation and emancipation, which could not afford every lady willing.


In order for red lipstick on your lips to have a proper look, you need to use some basic rules and recommendations. Then thoughts about the fact that red lipstick does not go to you will go far and for a long time, and this indispensable thing will live forever in your cosmetic bag. So let's get started.

The first rule: you need to decide on the tint of your skin, lipstick should be combined with it, and with hair and eyes.

For example, if you are the owner of light skin, blond hair, you will have to pay attention to light, maybe even translucent shades, but dark and dark girls are well suited rich and juicy colors. Consider the types in more detail.

  • Blondes and blond. Girls with blond hair and light skin are best suited for soft shades of lipstick, if you are not a hot blonde, then red lipstick with peach and delicate scarlet shades may be suitable. A good example for such girls is Scarlett Johanson, who skillfully selects and combines the tone of lipstick.
  • Brunettes. Owners of dark hair and dark olive skin, to be honest, the easiest way to find the right shade of red lipstick. It is worth taking a look at the options of Angelina Jolie's makeup or Megan Fox, whose rich bright red lips have already become a calling card. Practically all shades of red lipstick will suit the girls of this type, it should be avoided only through a chur of light tones that may in their case contribute to an ordinary-looking make-up.
  • Brown-haired women.Women with chestnut curls are very important in the tone of their skin, since it is this criterion that will affect the tone of lipstick. Carrot and scarlet shades of red are perfect for girls with golden skin; you can try tones with splashes of yellow and orange notes.
  • Redheads. Such non-standard girls also have a very red lipstick on their face, coral, peach and terracotta shades look especially advantageous.

Application tips

If you finally got the right shade of red lipstick and are determined to apply it to the nearest publication, then you need to listen to tips that will help present your image in the most favorable light.

First of all, you must follow the main rule: eye makeup when using red lipstick should be neutral, and rather even scanty. Most often the usual mascara is enough, of course, black. In general, if you decide to select your lips in your makeup, then the rest of the face should be a harmonious complement to them. Eyes can be distinguished by black eyeliner, but this is not necessary.

Some experts believe that green and red shades are well combined in make-up, therefore they are advised to highlight eyes with green shadows in combination with red lipstick.

So, of course, you can do it, but remember that such a make-up should be on a professional level, so that it does not look ridiculous, and in general, it's a matter of taste.

Another important point is the skin of the face. Red lipstick is an obligatory attribute, so the skin should be perfectly even, so when applying a foundation and powder, pay special attention to the T-zone, where there are often various kinds of rashes and irritations. Remember that eyebrows also should not contrast much with the eyes.

To lips, painted with red lipstick, really looked perfect and seductive, they should be in perfect condition - without peeling and cracks. To do this, before applying a red lipstick, moisturize your lips with a balm or honey mask that will hide all the roughness and roughness, and also provide an easier application of lipstick.

Apply red lipstick better from the middle of the upper lip, moving to the corners. If you use podvodkoj, its tone should not coincide with tone of lipstick, and should correspond to your natural color of lips. Lipstick should be applied to eyeliner too.

Makeup with red lipstick, of course, binding.Usually he requires in the clothes of the presence of something red, for example, a scarf or earring. Usually this make-up carries a solemn focus, is used to go out into the light.

As for the wedding make-up with red lipstick, everything depends on the bride. If there is such a desire, then no one has the right to limit you, besides, if you are really comfortable with this color. Just take into account that the wedding is a long event with lots of kisses and eating of food, that's why the lips will have to be constantly put in order, because the "eaten up" red lipstick looks extremely unsuccessful.

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