Stunning sculptures made of hot glass and wood cuts

Artists Scott Sluggerman and Jim Fishman create real works of art from fallen trees and molten glass. The result of cooperation between the two masters was dozens of unusual sculptures that combine the warmth of natural materials and the elegance of glass details. It seems that these incredible vases, implanted in a tree, creates nature itself.

The incredible combination of materials and forms in the works of Fishman and Slagerman cause associations with rare natural phenomena. To create each element, you need to think through the design, choose the color. All works are unique and inimitable.

The artists called their small production very simple: “wood and glass”. But make no mistake, deciding that the process of creating sculptures is just as simple. VAZ manufacturing technology requires extensive knowledge in the field of woodworking and glass blowing.Before the manufacture of the vase, artists carefully develop its design. Then, in the wood, a place is cut out, which the glass part will occupy. Molten glass is poured into the empty space, which spreads between the wooden walls.

Slagerman is responsible in this union for the colors of glass and wood. He claims that the nature of glass taught him a lot, and even changed his life. Glass is transformed from a hot liquid into a solid and fragile state, making you think about the variability of being itself. Non-transferable artistic objects are born in this dangerous and delicate process.