Substrate selection

I started a small repair at home, I want to put laminate on the floor. There is no extra money, so I want to do everything on my own. Tell me which substrate is better to choose and where can I buy it in Moscow?
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Answered on February 4 03:00
It is very important to choose a high-quality branded substrate, because if something happens to the laminate and a non-branded substrate was laid, the manufacturer may refuse to guarantee the product.
Answered on February 4 03:07
The most common substrates are foamed polypropylene and polystyrene foam. If you want to make a warm floor at home, then you should take a foil backing that creates a thermos effect.
Answered on February 4 03:15
I am now going to make repairs in the nursery and try to choose environmental materials that do not rot and are not covered with mold. Of all the options that I reviewed, I settled on the cork substrate. It is now important to choose where the high-quality branded substrate is sold. Here, for example, I found a substrate from a cork in this store. I want to choose from them in size and thickness.