Subway advertising: the pros and cons

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
December 13, 2016
Subway advertising: the pros and cons

Making money by renting out a place for advertising is one of the great strategies for making a profit. For the city authorities, it is also an opportunity to impose costs on the restoration and preservation of certain economic objects.

That is why advertising is actively developing in the metro, which also has many other advantages:

  • reach the maximum possible audience - everyone who is at the station or in the car, almost automatically gets acquainted with the information;
  • constant repeated contacts, fixing the effect;
  • continuous interaction;
  • minimum price for one contact.

Crowded subway cars are exactly the place that simply leaves no choice to its passengers in the matter of providing them with advertising. The human brain, consciously or not, always seeks to receive and process new information, so the likelihood that, having a bright picture next, you want to “admire” a bare wall or the classic inscription “Do not lean” is incredibly low.Naturally, you can always try to read a book or watch a movie on the way to work or study, but it is simply impossible to do it standing in the morning rush, and the number of seats is rather limited. In this case, the best way to abstract from society is to study advertising.

Sociological surveys allowed to find out which goods and services were more efficiently promoted in public transport. In the first place are promotional offers from large retail chains. Popular supermarkets and entertainment centers remind their customers about themselves and call to get acquainted with the novelty or take advantage of a unique offer. The next most effective advertisement in the subway is for those who do not want to cook dinner themselves from successfully purchased products. Delivery services of ready-made dishes from various cuisines of the world regularly receive new customers among those who are going from work hungry and tired. At the third position in the list - offers leisure. Messages about trade fairs, concerts, performances and other forms of entertainment that flash before our eyes on weekdays can gather for a few dozens of visitors on a weekend just because they have chosen the right place for advertising.Significant productivity out of this rating is seen in the announcements about finding employees for various positions that do not require experience.

In major metro cities at least a million people use the day, and many of them make several trips. Only these numbers are enough to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising in cars and at stations. Anyone who is interested in finding new solutions to promote their products and services will certainly be useful to visit the traditional international exhibition “Advertising” from the Expocentre Fairgrounds in Moscow.