Teddy Bear

Who among us does not like brown bears ?! Of course, such toys are popular with both adults and children. Today, teddy bears can be bought at any store, however, you can also tie a cute bear like this with your own hands. For this we need: maximum desire and good mood and minimum effort. So, we will need:
  • threads of brown color;
  • threads white and black colors;
  • ordinary threads for stitching together parts of a product;
  • 2 beads for eyes;
  • glue like " Moment ";
  • wire;
  • filler;
  • hook second size.
Size of the finished product: about 25 cm. Level of preparation for knitting: not more than elementary. Time for making a toy: about 3-4 hours. Step one. Head. All good things start from the head, our bear is also done from the head. To make it, we sew two loops and hook them together. Start circular knitting.
teddy bear of threads
Reaching half the head volume,we stuff a toy with filler.
bear from the thread
After a few centimeters of knitting, we loop the loop and get that kind of head.
thread bear
Its approximate volume is 5-6 cm. Step two. Torso. The body of the toy is knit as a single detail. Later added limbs. We start knitting from the bottom, we knit a large semicircle and we begin to knit the walls, upward we reduce knitting by the number of loops. It turns out such a torso, something resembling a pear.
 bear from threads
Step three. Stapling parts. Now you need to sew a head and a trunk.  teddy bear
After that, perform the ears. They are made of two semicircles.
 bear of thread
Then the ears are connected to the head, stuffed and carefully sewn.
thread bear

Now we carry out the muzzle of the beast from white threads. We knit a semicircle, fill it and sew it to the head.We do the same with two white circles, denoting the places where the eyes will be.
 teddy bear
Now with the help of glue we attach beads-eyes.
teddy bear
Finally, sew the head and torso together.
 thread bear
Step four. Upper and lower limbs. Now our task is to properly make the legs and arms of the teddy bear. Let's start with the upper legs. Pre-insert the wire to the places of the future upper limbs.
 bear of threads
Next, knit two loops, called air, and start circular knitting with the gradual addition of loops. Knit about 6 cm and close the loop. We do the same thing a second time, thus making our second hand.
 thread bear
Hands are sewn to the body of our bear.
 thread bear
The same procedure is done with respect to the lower limbs. We first thread the wire. teddy bear Then do the legs with a thickening at the bottom (at the place of future feet).
 teddy bear
Then we sew it all together.
thread bear
We get a finished bear.
 thread bear
However Al bear some dim. He lacks a color scarf. Let's make it with the help of fantasy, crochet hook and yellow yarn. Step five. Scarf. Knit a scarf by using a 4-chain seal of air loops. The length of the scarf can vary, we will have it 8 cm. White jewelry can be tied at the bottom of the scarf.
 teddy bear
Sew a scarf to the bear and get this brown forest handsome!
thread bear
The same bear can be tied to you! Good luck in your work!