Tell me, please, what to do.

Tell me please. I bought a new refrigerator, but it freezes very little. That is, if you expose the temperature to 5 degrees, then it gives out only 10. Can you twist something in it to adjust?
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Answered on March 13, 2017 15:51
Or maybe you yourself have incorrectly adjusted the temperature of the refrigerator. Depending on the manufacturer and model, there are various ways of regulation. Find how this is done in your model or just look in the instructions.
Answered 13 march 2017 16:13
I think that the less you get into the technique, the longer it will serve you. If it is defective and it will be necessary to repair the refrigerator at home, then it is probably better to contact a repair company specializing in repairs, such as this than trying to do something yourself. In any case, if there is no experience in such a repair.
Answered 13 march 2017 16:19
I believe that it is necessary to call the master so that he looks at what's the matter. It is unlikely that you will be able to fully understand the situation, only you can make it worse. If you need a good master's number, I can give it.