Ten of the richest women in the world

Gone are the days when no one considered the opinions of women, and their mandatory vocation was exclusively family and home. Today, women have the opportunity to reach career heights, as well as men, successfully combining all this with domestic duties and raising children. Today we present you a list of the most successful women, whose fortune is estimated at billions and millions.

Famous and successful

Every year the number of women billionaires is growing. Of course, some of them received their fortunes as a legacy, but after all, preserving and multiplying the business is also not easy. Here are the 10 most significant persons:

Lilian Betancourt.She is a famous French entrepreneur and philanthropist. But all over the world, she is known as the heiress of L’Oreal. At 95, Madame Betancourt is well, but the management of the company is transferred into the hands of her 25-year-old grandson. But still, the state that she managed to earn during the sensitive leadership of L’Oreal (which is about 40 billion dollars) is in her hands.

Lilian led a very literate policy, attracting talented PR-specialists, advertisers and, of course, technologists developing unique means for caring for hair, skin, lines of decorative cosmetics and perfumery to the development of their business.

Alice walton. This woman is the heiress of the founder of the world famous Walt-Mart trading network. At the moment she is not so deeply involved in the management of the company, like her brother, but is actively engaged in the political life of the United States. Owning a fortune of 34 billion dollars, 67-year-old Alice sponsors election campaigns, and also invests in the purchase of works of art.

Jacqueline Mars. Remember Mars sweet nougat bars? Their production is just and is engaged in a confectionery corporation, the ownership of which belongs to Jacqueline Mars and her brothers. In addition, the company owns such well-known brands as M & M's, Milky Way, Uncle Ben's rice, and several animal feed brands, including Whiskas.

Jacqueline, by the way, is engaged not only in leadership, but also takes an active part in the development of new ideas for production. It is thanks to her company acquires new markets, and became known throughout the world. And the owner herself keeps a fortune of $ 27 billion in accounts.

Maria Franca Fissolo. Oh, this divine taste of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, and sweet and nutty Nutella paste, and another refreshing aroma of small Tic Tac dragees. Yes, yes, all these brands belong to the company, which is run by Maria. Of course, at the age of 80+ it's very difficult to manage such a large corporation, so all the decisions are now taken by her son Giovanni.

Suzanne Klatten. She came to our top not accidentally, because she is the richest woman in Germany. She also owns shares in the huge pharmaceutical concern Altana, as well as BMW's auto giant, with a little more than $ 20 billion available.

Having received a good education, and having experience in promoting goods, Suzanne excellently manages the management of large international companies.

Lauren Powell Jobs. Virtually all owners of Apple's gadgets know about their founder - Steve Jobs. And Lauren is the widow of the deceased. She does not rest on her laurels, but actively joined the work after her husband's death, and has already allocated 50 million dollars for the development and creation of the School of the Future. And Lauren owns a 7.8% stake in Disney.

Joanna reinhart. She is not engaged in women's business, being the owner of a large corporation for the extraction of iron ore.But, having received the business as a legacy from her father, Joanna was able not only to keep it, but also to take it to a new level. Now the company plans to introduce in the list of minerals, which it extracts, also oil and gas.

The state of Rhinehart today is $ 15 billion.

Abigail Johnson.She is known in America as a successful business woman and the president of Fidelity Financial Services, a company that manages large financial assets. Despite the fact that this business is a family business, many financial experts believe that even without this, Abigail could easily have reached such heights, thanks to her perseverance and incredible efficiency.

Iris Fontbona. Today it is the richest Chilean. A woman received a significant part of the capital from her spouse who passed away in 2005. He left his wife, who went hand in hand all his life and helped in business, a huge conglomerate that specializes in the production of energy, is active in the transport industry, and also engaged in the production of beverages.

Beate Heister. This billionaire woman, who managed to earn $ 13.6 billion, is the owner of the Aldi discount food market. She has never been involved in work related to the company, but is on her advisory board.

Is it easy to be the richest women in the world? Definitely not. For huge capital is often not only continuity, but colossal work. But they proudly bear the title of billionaires, and they are worth talking about.

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