Ten ways to use tar soap

Tar soap is not the most usual means, and many with it, in general, are not familiar. Meanwhile, it has a lot of different methods of application, and the best are discussed below.

So, the top 10 ways to use tar soap:

  1. Acne and black spots. Firstly, tar soap reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands and eliminates excessive fat content, which often causes imperfections of the female skin. Secondly, the drug fights well with inflammation, which with acne is also present. To achieve positive results, you need to do morning and evening washings daily for a month. But after the procedure to normalize the level of acidity of the skin, use a moisturizer. And remember that tar soap does not fit girls with sensitive or dry skin.
  2. Dermatological diseases. Tar soap is effective for psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and other skin diseases, and often it is included in the composition of therapeutic agents.But you can apply it in its pure form independently. It is enough to moisten and lather the centers of inflammation, leave the foam for thirty minutes, and then rinse with warm water. Procedures are carried out in the evening and morning time, and the course of such home therapy lasts at least a month. Also, the tool is useful for skin rashes in children: urticaria, dermatitis, diaper rash. The application is simple: some soap is diluted in warm water while bathing a child.
  3. Face masks Tar soap has proven itself in facial care: it removes an ugly greasy luster, removes irritations and acne, fights black dots. It is possible not only to wash regularly, but also once a week to make useful masks. To do this, simply soap your face and leave a thick foam for twenty or thirty minutes, and then wash. Next, apply milk or moisturizer to normalize the pH of the skin.
  4. Fight against parasites. In tar soap has antiparasitic properties, so you can use it for lesions with lice, nits and other similar insects. Treatments are carried out twice a day until complete destruction of parasites.And treatment should begin in the early stages to increase effectiveness.
  5. Intimate hygiene, treatment of thrush. When vaginal candidiasis soap helps to destroy the yeast-like fungi that are the causative agents of this disease. For treatment, it is necessary to flush the external genitals in the evening before bedtime and in the morning after waking up. And sometimes doctors advise you to douche with a weak solution: about 5 grams per liter of warm water. Also, tar soap is suitable for the prevention of infections and normalization of the vaginal flora: just dabble twice or thrice a week.
  6. Fat hair, dandruff. Tar soap has a fungicidal effect and fights against seborrhea-causing scalp fungi, and also reduces the production of sebum. To solve problems, you can wash your hair with tar soap once or twice a week, replacing them with shampoo. To neutralize the characteristic odor, add essential oils with pleasant aromas. And this method is also applicable to hair loss and weakening, so you further improve the condition of the curls.
  7. Cracked heels. Listing interesting and unexpected ways to use tar soap, it is worth mentioning this.If your heels are cracking, then begin to rub them every other day with a piece of water wetted to create a dense layer. Walk with such a mask for an hour, and then rinse with water and lubricate the skin with a moisturizer.
  8. Nail and skin fungus. With such a delicate and unpleasant problem, wash the affected areas of the body thoroughly daily with tar soap in the morning and evening for at least two weeks. If necessary, extend the course to a month and repeat after a weekly interval.
  9. Herpes. If on the lip appeared herpetic eruptions, start immediately to treat them. In a thick soapy tar foam moisten a cotton swab and apply a lot on the hearth. This should be done several times a day until complete cure.
  10. After depilation and shaving. If after depilation, you often experience irritation, then, after the procedure, wash your skin with tar soap. You can also use it instead of the usual soap or foam to improve the slipping of the shaving machine over the body surface. This tool is also suitable for men: it will replace the after shave balm, relieve irritations and quickly heal all cuts.

It is important to use high-quality and natural soap! If you get this and master all the methods of application you are interested in, you will be able to find beauty and even improve your health with the help of the means.

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