The elegant element of curtains, invented by the French, will decorate any kitchen interior

The beauty and harmony of the interior is made up of little things that play an important role. One of them is a pelmet for curtains in the kitchen. So, what is a pelmet? This is an elegant element of curtains, invented by the French. It is a drapery at the top of the window opening, in essence, being a shortened curtain located horizontally. It can be sewn from dense fabric, forming a pleating, and brushes, borders, and frills are chosen as additional decorations.

In order to sew this lambrequin (here the length of the cornice is 1.8 m), we need:

  • veil of two colors
  • slanting bake
  • Grommets-11shtuk.

Step 1: (I will show step by step making the lambrequin on paper — I hope that everything will be clear to you)

Step 2: Apply a veil (color A) face up on the front side of the veil (cv.B) and stitch both parts along the top edge.

Step 3: After fixing both parts of our lambrequin at the top edge, we process the upper edge with an overlock or zigzag. Bend 5cm. the top edge on the wrong side and lay the machine line. (This is the view from the wrong side).

Step 4: Turn our Lambrequin face up. Iron and make markings for the installation of eyelets. From the top edge we go down 1 cm. We find the center and circle the inside of the eyelet. Then set the eyelets left and right of the central. The distance between the centers of the eyelets is 40 cm. How to install the eyelets correctly, I hope you know. After all the grommets are installed, take a slanting inlay, fold in half and sew. From it we will make straps that will fasten our pelmet to the eaves. How many meters you need it, you determine for yourself. Cut the stitched slanting tape into equal parts - you only need 11 pieces (for the length that you define yourself). The ends need to be slightly scorched so as not to crumble. Now each piece of oblique bei needs to be placed in the grommet and tie it with a free loop on the round cornice. And so all the eyelets, making the loops the same in size.Then adjust your hands with our lambrequin, keeping the same distance between the loops.

That's all!!! I wish you all success.