The gods decided - the Gods did: The wisest parable of happiness

Once the gods, having gathered, decided to have some fun.

One of them said:

“Let's get something out of people?”
After much thought, they decided to take away happiness from people. But where to hide it?

The first said:
Let's harness him on top of the world's tallest mountain.
“No, we will make people strong, someone will be able to climb and find, and if they find one, everyone else will immediately know where happiness is,” answered the other.

“Then let's hide it at the bottom of the sea!”
No, do not forget that people are curious, someone designs a device for scuba diving, and then they will surely find happiness.

“We can hide it on another planet, away from Earth,” someone else suggested.
- No, remember that we gave them enough intelligence, someday they will come up with a ship to travel around the worlds, and discover this planet, and then they will find happiness.

The oldest god, who was silent throughout the conversation, said:
-I think I know where to hide happiness.

“We will hide inside of them, they will be so busy looking for him outside, that they would never think to look for him inside themselves.”

All the gods agreed, and since then people have spent their entire lives in search of happiness, not knowing that it is hidden in them.