The main secret in raising children is that you spend 5 minutes a day

All caring parents want to raise their children successful individuals. Among the hundreds of techniques known and not so educators and psychologists, it is difficult to choose a simple and suitable for you.

But this method, which uses the usual mother from St. Petersburg Taisiya Kudashkina, makes raising children in an amazing adventure. Thanks to this method, the child becomes self-confident, disciplined, learns to focus on important, and most importantly, positive things. And this is not all positive moments. The main charm of this method is that it takes only a few minutes a day.

So what should be done to turn your child into a happy person?

A simple recipe for happiness from a creative mother

Taisiya Kudashkina writes in her diary five achievements of her children every day.At first it was not at all easy to recall actions that could be boasted. But gradually through all "I do not know", "I do not want" and "I can not" method began to work and bring results. In this way, recording successes for a day is a bunch of positive effects.

This is a page from the diary of a little daughter. For some, these are just funny children's records, and for parents - a real pride.

And from this cute record, Mom already made her five positive conclusions.

“At first it was difficult for us, not to think of anything, just five, through force and“ I don’t know. ” Now this exercise is being done, and they are telling each other with my brother who has done something beautiful or succeeded. It disciplines, once. Teaches you to reflect on what happened to them in a day, two. Forms self-confidence, three. And mom knows what happened in their head / for the day, four. Well, just such a pleasure then these "successes" to read, five. Already now, in two months pleasure. And in 5-10 years to read? Delight will be, nostalgia, and a wonderful pill from all sorts of depressions and melancholy, that's it. "

The origins of the "Diary of Success"

This method is not new at all.It was used by many psychologists and businessmen. The most famous financial consultant, writer and businessman Bodo Schaefer offered his listeners to keep a “Success Diary”. Although his methodology is designed for adults and is aimed at achieving professional, personal and material growth, it can equally well be used with children.

News "Diary of success" is necessary every day. Write in a notebook or notebook with an ordinary pen and outline at least five achievements per day. It is important to write achievements, not plans or desires. It is necessary to concentrate on what has been achieved, and not only on the desired. It is best to write in the diary in the evening. This also has its positive point - you will fall asleep in a good mood, because before going to bed, remember all the good things that happened to you.

Think you are not doing anything important in a day? It seems such a minor matter as cooking dinner or walking in the fresh air can be a small achievement. But the next day, cooking ordinary potatoes or watching a scientific program will not seem so important to you, and you will want to do something more.For example, you will begin to learn a foreign language or go to some courses.

And after 90 days, according to the author, your income will grow by 20%. And it is not only about the material situation. After all, knowledge is our most important investment.

Why does it work

I do not know about you, but I remember the negative moments of my life brighter than the positive ones. In life, I have heard more "no" than "yes." But psychologists say that this is normal, since it is more difficult for the human brain to concentrate on positive emotions than on negative ones.

From early childhood, the child constantly hears “no”, “no”, “dangerous”, “don't go there”. Like our parents, we program our children for inhibitions and failures. Not because we are bad, in fact, of course, we want to protect our children from danger, but in this way we are increasingly inspiring in them uncertainty.

That is why the “five achievements” method is of tremendous importance, because a child learns to concentrate on positive things in his life and generally learns to understand what is good and bad. Writing down his successes, the child visualizes them, remembers, “photographs” in his memory.

And parents, in turn, can learn from the silent kid how his day was and what is really important for him, because it is in the details that one can catch the whole essence of the picture.

The positive aspects of the method of "five achievements"

Here are a few positive points that can be identified in the methodology of the five achievements.

1. Increases self-esteem

A person cannot feel like a loser if he has achievements every day.

2. The child will learn to motivate himself

Even if he does not understand what motivation is. The child will be interested to increase the value of their achievements every day.

3. Good mood

If you think about positive things more often, they will master our thoughts. There will be no place for sad memories.

4. Self-confidence

Everything we do is becoming important. Even if the end result did not meet expectations, you can always find positive moments in the process.

5. Optimism

Even the child will learn to look at the same thing from different sides. And in failure you can find a positive moment. Only then will he remember not negative emotions, but positive ones. For example, mother stayed at work and could not help with homework, for which she received a bad mark. But he had supper and brushed his teeth without a reminder.

6Common cause with a child

Both parents and children can keep their diaries of success, write down achievements together, at the same time unite after a common cause.

7. Save time

Modern busy moms and dads are not so easy to find time to practice with children, but here you need to spend only a few minutes a day, and the result is not long in coming.

The only disadvantage of this method is that you can keep a diary with a child from 4-5 years old when he understands the meaning of his actions. But if you write with kids, it will be an incentive for moms to improve themselves.

And for myself I can write down the achievements of my baby:

1. woke up on time

2. Went to the garden without tears

3. Ate an apple

4. Helped to clean toys

5. Himself fell asleep

See, quite easy! Want to make your children's life happier? Then do not hesitate, and let your first achievement of this day be a record of buying your diary of success.