I do not eat anyone!

If you still eat animal food and buy food in a regular supermarket - it means that you live ecologically and unfashionably. So, at least, consider the representatives of the new movements - vegans and freegans. "Marie Claire" found out where they came from and what they eat.


“Do you know what is the main ingredient in portions of fried chicken that you usually buy at Kentucky Fried Chicken? Cruelty! ”- Pamela Anderson hasn’t looked so sexy for a long time as in the PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) video, calling for a rejection of eating eggs and chickens. The picture shows the blood-chilling shots of the poultry farm with half-dead birds in cramped close cages, still living chickens spinning on the slaughterhouse conveyor. Behind the scenes - Pamela's words: “More than 700 million chickens are annually destroyed in factories in the most cruel way. Do not support the meat and dairy industry - become vegans! We need your help! ”- the star broadcasts with a conviction that many professional politicians would envy.It is thanks to Pamela Anderson and other famous vegans that the veganism movement, which a couple of decades ago was a very marginal and small branch from vegetarianism, has recently become, if not mainstream, then at least a fashionable trend.

Vegans and Vegetarians
Vegans and Vegetarians
Two activists of the animal rights movement PETA defile in dresses of lettuce in Taiwan's Taipei capital, urging people to become vegetarians.
Two activists of the animal rights movement PETA defile in dresses of lettuce in Taiwan's Taipei capital, urging people to become vegetarians.

If vegetarians existed almost always - in Ancient Greece, during the Renaissance, in India (the predecessors of Hinduism did not eat meat in principle in the 8th century BC), then vegans appeared relatively recently. The Vegan Society has existed since 1944. (Its founder, a modest Yorkshire teacher Donald Watson, lived for 95 years.) The word vegan itself comes from vegetarian. Vegetarians do not eat only meat and fish, vegans are much more radical - they reject animal food without exception: eggs, milk, honey (they are also considered vegans as animal products), and, of course, all genetically modified foods. But the main thing - unlike vegetarianism,Veganism is not just a diet, but a whole philosophy.“Veganism is a way of life that, as far as possible, tries to exclude all forms of animal exploitation for food, clothing and other purposes,” says the manifesto of the Society of Vegans. Vegans do not wear anything from leather, fur, silk and other materials, at least partially made from animal products; do not use cosmetics that have been tested on animals; publicly oppose the “exploitation of animals in circuses and zoos”, as well as the “mindless squandering of natural resources” and environmental pollution, which, in their opinion, is largely due to “intensive agriculture” (intensive farming) curious vegan term). Active life position vegans like to refer to a 2006 UN study, according to which animals grown on industrial farms produce 18% of all greenhouse gases (for comparison, motor vehicles produce only 12%). Another study by professors at the University of Chicago found that, thanks to one person who became a vegan,carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere will decrease by 1.5 kg per year.

Vegan and vegetarian dishes in America are now being prepared even in regular university cafeterias.
Vegan and vegetarian dishes in America are now being prepared even in regular university cafeterias.
Frigan will never go hungry! These products are freelance activist found in the trash containers of a large supermarket in Manhattan. She is pleased with her “catch”.
Frigan will never go hungry! These products are freelance activist found in the trash containers of a large supermarket in Manhattan. She is pleased with her “catch”.

According to various estimates, vegans today range from 0.25 to 2.5% of the UK population and from 0.2 to 1.3% of the US population. A lot of vegans live in Holland, Sweden, Denmark and other Nordic countries, as well - recently - in Hollywood. Among the movie stars, veganism is preached by the Batman star Alicia Silverstone. A year ago, she shocked the world, starring nude in the social video of the same PETA society. The actress tells everyone that, having become a vegan, she lost 15 kg, and earlier she could not do it even with the help of the most sophisticated diets. Alicia is also an apologist for the vegan fashion - she dresses exclusively in Stella McCartney, clothes that do not have materials of animal origin. Veganism, like many trends, which at first were just ideas, is gradually becoming an industry.For example, for those who cannot afford vegan clothes from a famous designer, there are many online stores on the Internet that offer more modest "vegan" shoes, T-shirts and dresses. (It's funny that ordinary cotton T-shirts and linen shirts are now also called “vegan clothes.”)

Clint Eastwood

For many years sitting on fruits, vegetables and soy products. And, as a vegan is supposed to, it actively protects animals.

Natalie Portman

She refused meat in 11 years. Made a collection of "green" shoes and sandals for the brand Te Casan.

Adherents of veganism are convinced that sooner or later humanity will switch to vegetable food. True, the weather from time to time spoil the trials, questioning the safety of the vegan diet for health. So, last year in Atlanta, they brought to criminal responsibility for manslaughter a married couple of vegans whose six-month-old child died ... from malnutrition. Doctors found that in vegan products that parents fed the baby (mainly soy milk and apple juice), there was a catastrophic lack of vital elements for the infant. Yet vegans are optimistic about the future.“It will be a completely different civilization,” said the President of the Vegan Society, Donald Watson, in one of his last interviews, in response to a question about what will happen to humanity if it switches to vegan food. “This will be the first civilization in history that will be worthy of being called a civilization.”

Why did I become vegan

Evgenia Petelina, graphic designer, 29 years old

Before becoming vegan, I was quite a long timesand catcher- These are people who do not eat meat, but can eat fish and everything else. Three years ago, my mother and I bought in the market a hefty live carp. While they were taking him home, he was still alive, frantically fluttering in the bag. At home, before frying, we beat him against the wall for a long time ... I could not eat him after that, of course. It always seemed to me that in principle it was wrong - there are living beings. And this case is somehow so deep into my soul a crush that I began to think about whether I should become a vegan. Shortly before that, my husband and I moved to live in England, and there the vegan lifestyle is very popular. On the Internet about veganism there is a sea of ​​information - I remember, I read, for example, one blog of a vegan woman.She offered such chic recipes for vegan dishes and photos of this food were so “tasty” that I also decided to try.

It was easy to give up eggs - I have eaten them very rare lately. It was more difficult with all sorts of curds and yogurts, which I always loved very much, but I rather quickly replaced them with soy yogurts. It was harder to stop eating cheese (I recently read somewhere that cheese contains substances that are close to narcotic, they cause addiction). But, again, there is soy cheese, which tastes like dor-blue. And in general, in my opinion, I became much more diverse in eating. You could even say that I became an epicurean. I discovered a huge amountnew products- vegetables, the existence of which I did not know before. For example, root celery - it can be added to mashed potatoes or even used instead of potatoes - say, added to soup. Or the same chickpea (chick peas) - I make from itstunning hummus.And if chickens grind, mix with flour, water, salt and bake in the oven, it turns out cake, which by smell and even tastes like scrambled eggs.Instead of ordinary milk, I drink milk oatmeal, rice or almond milk. Fortunately, in England, the choice of products for vegans is huge.


Humanist and vegan with 20 years of experience. PETA activist and owner of Teany Organic Restaurant in New York.

Leni Kravitz

It is among the first in the ranking of the sexiest vegetarians in the world.

I've been a vegan for a year now. The husband is still eating meat, but we agreed that he would cook it himself. For six months I lost 15 kg, which I had never been able to do before. Apparently, my metabolism “swung” - due to the fact that there is a lot of fiber in vegan nutrition. With vegetable food, I get all the necessary vitamins. A pleasant lightness appeared in the body, and, no matter what I ate, the taste seems to me much stronger than before. The skin has become better - it seems to me that I am generally younger. And I also got the persistent feeling that I was doing the right thing. That's right - because I was freed from my addiction to a certain food. Because I am no longer part of the global cruelty with which the production of animal food is associated and to which we are all so accustomed that we do not notice it.It seems to me that I and how a person has changed. I became more attentive, more tolerant, more forgiving. I had a strong feeling that the world can be changed for the better.