The question concerns only your interpretation of the word "Adequacy"! You yourself do not think that writing nonsense?

If this word is an adjective, it means you need to use it only with the definition, probably. (adequate to what?) Corresponding to what? And so on. And you have some kind of vinaigrette! Adequate person, adequate behavior (what does this mean?). All the same, what to say: a corresponding person, a corresponding behavior ... Nonsense!
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Answered 29 May 2015 11:34
Somehow crumpled expressed their thoughts. What is it all about? Adequate - yes, this means that the appropriate situation, acceptable, normal for her. Adequate and appropriate are synonyms, just each of the words is more suitable for certain words and is combined with them. Sounds like a "corresponding person", "corresponding behavior".Better "adequate person", "adequate behavior."