The whole truth about the procedure of floating

Unfortunately, stresses are waiting for us everywhere, this is modern life. But after all, they have a very negative impact not only on the nervous system, but also on all of health in general. How to deal with it? Floating will help! And what is this procedure, how is it carried out?

What it is?

What is flotation? The word "float" from English translates literally as "float on the surface." This is the essence of this method. The main goal of this procedure is to relax and get rid of stress. But floating is not just swimming, it is literally soaring. But the essence of the procedure a little later.

Complete relaxation

A bit of history

People learned about this procedure not so long ago, and it became available to all recently. But the method itself appeared in its original form a long time ago, in 1954. Then scientist John Lilly began to think about weightlessness and how an ordinary person would feel in such a state, what he would think about, what would happen to him.

John decided to conduct the first experiments and immerse the person in a state of weightlessness. But since there was no opportunity to send the subjects into space, he used water.The subjects plunged into a closed and closed pool in special masks. In such conditions, the person was completely isolated from the environment and irritants.

Dry option

Some thought that this could drive one crazy, but in reality everything was different. The subjects relaxed and felt the cleansing of consciousness and mind. In 1972, John Lilly, with the help of colleagues, created the first camera of sensory deprivation, which today is called a float camera and is used successfully and efficiently.

The essence of the procedure

How does “hovering” occur during floatation? For the procedure uses the so-called float chamber, which is a kind of large chamber with thick walls. This helps to protect people from environmental influences, as neither light nor sounds can penetrate inside.

The bottom of the chamber is filled with water, in which a large amount of English salt is dissolved. A high concentration of saline solution allows you to lie on the water without plunging into it, while the layer is only 25 centimeters thick, but the person does not touch the bottom, which creates a feeling of weightlessness.

Gives wonderful sensations

The temperature of the water is close to the temperature of the human body and is about 34-35 degrees, which makes the conditions of stay in the chamber even more comfortable and allows you not to feel the water,but present yourself in open space, in the air.

To relax while immersing in the camera in the first minutes, relaxing music can be turned on, which will allow you to disconnect from the outside world and plunge into weightlessness.

The dimensions of the camera are quite large, so there should be no discomfort. And yet if the person is uncomfortable, the door of the chamber can be ajar, although, of course, it is better to close it so that nothing would hinder to relax.

The duration of one session is on average from 40 to 60 minutes, during this time the thoughts are cleared, the mind brightens, the tension goes away, bliss is felt. You can leave the chamber rested spiritually and physically.

Some SPA-programs offer special programs for newlyweds, the elderly, teenagers and other groups.

Do I need to prepare for the procedure?

No special training is required. But it is not recommended to conduct epilation a few days before the session (in any way), since irritations after it will prevent relaxation.


What is floating for? Who needs such a procedure and what will it help to achieve?

  • If you are very tired and often overworked, then you just need to relax.
  • This method can help get rid of bad habits.
  • If you can not figure out for yourself or decide on something important, then the procedure can help bring thoughts in order.
  • It is shown floatation and depression, frequent feelings, stress.
  • If you have insomnia, a visit to the float chamber can normalize your sleep and make it healthy and strong.
  • If your life is full of routine and everyday life, take a break from all this in weightlessness.
  • Floating is necessary for athletes and people whose profession is associated with hard work, as it allows you to relieve tension, give muscles and joints a rest after intense loads.
  • This is a great way to rehabilitate after fractures, dislocations, sprains and other injuries.
  • Floating can be used to alleviate the condition in diseases of the musculoskeletal system, such as arthrosis, arthritis, and so on.
  • This procedure is useful for the skin and figure, because the salt solution acts directly on the whole body.
  • During pregnancy, the load on the body and the nervous system increases, because of which a woman can feel back pain, fatigue, anxiety. Floating will help get rid of all this.

To whom the procedure is contraindicated?

Are there any contraindications? Although they are few, but still exist.

  • Damage to the skin. Since salt affects the skin, it can cause discomfort if it comes into contact with wounds, abrasions and other damaged areas.
  • Some diseases of the cardiovascular system (for example, a heart attack or heart attack, angina pectoris, hypertension, and others).
  • State of drug or alcohol intoxication. Such persons are not allowed to the procedure.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Serious disorders of the nervous system, diseases of a psychoneurological nature.
  • Acute infectious diseases (there is a risk of transmission of such infections through water to other people).
  • Menstruation.
  • Some diseases of the organs of hearing, such as otitis, as well as rupture of the eardrum. During the procedure, the ears will also be immersed in water.
  • Diseases of the respiratory tract.
  • Skin diseases (especially at the stage of exacerbation).

Side effects

No discomfort usually occurs. If you have sensitive skin, it may redden from salt, possibly a burning sensation. In addition, unusual conditions may be a little scary, but at any time you can ask to interrupt the session.If you are experiencing, consult a doctor before a session.

Cost of

The price of one session of floating is available and low. On average, one procedure costs from 700 to 1200 rubles. If you immediately buy a subscription for several visits, you can save.

Feel weightlessness and clear your mind with the help of a floating procedure!

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