Tip 2: Bardotka - an element of female wardrobe

Bardotka is the smallest blouse. The unusual name of this thing owes a great actress and just a sexy woman - Brigitte Bardot. So how did this type of blouse appear and what should it be worn with?
Bardotka - an element of female wardrobe
In one of the films Brigitte Bardot appeared in a mini-blouse, which, of course, made her even more attractive and desirable. If it is absolutely accurate, this piece of clothing, rather, can be called something of an elongated bra. Delight of men, a strong desire to imitate women, instant response from designers - and ... a new word was born in fashion.
At first, tight-fitting short blouses, “on the bones,” which were very reminiscent of underwear, were very refined, were worn only by the wildest Pentecost of the last century — too frankly, on the verge of vulgarity. But freedom and sexuality became trends, and the rows of bardotka fans were replenished.
And now the bardotka boldly stepped onto the podium.It is easily worn by the stars of Hollywood and European cinema - after all, the belvedere style is also in fashion, and a tiny, almost linen blouse could not be more appropriate for it. However, the triumph of this thing was not particularly long, it was still branded as a label of vulgarity, and for some time the bardotka remained forgotten.
Nowadays, the bardotka regains its fame with interest. It is sewn from different fabrics - from silk to leather and suede, embroidered and adorned. Mini-blouse is almost irreplaceable in evening sets, it is worn under jackets of different styles. It is allowed to wear a bardotka with a mini, maxi or medium-length skirt, trousers, but a combination with stretch jeans is especially welcomed. She looks good with club jackets and high-heeled shoes.