Tip 2: Green masks from spinach


Masks for dry skin

For intensive nutrition of dry skin, there is a mask made from crushed spinach leaves and vegetable oil. Components need to be taken in a ratio of 2: 1. Instead of vegetable oil, you can use homemade sour cream. Apply the mixture on your face and wash off after 15-17 minutes.

To soften and nourish the skin, make a mask of boiled potatoes, 1 tbsp. melted butter and fresh spinach leaves minced. Apply the mask on your face and wait for about 12-15 minutes.

Boil in a small amount of milk a few spoons of crushed spinach leaves. After 5 minutes after boiling, fold them in a colander and cool slightly. Apply a warm mass with a heavy layer on your face and hold for 15 minutes. You need to remove the mask with milk that has been drained after cooking spinach. This recipe is suitable for the care of irritated and sensitive skin.

Masks for problem and oily skin

Mix 2-3 st.l. finely chopped spinach leaves with raw egg white.Apply the mask evenly on your face and wash off after 15-18 minutes. The tool perfectly soothes the skin, relieves irritation, and also regulates the sebaceous glands. After this procedure, the person will acquire a smooth healthy color.

You can make another mask, suitable for the care of oily skin. Finely chop the fresh spinach leaves and mix them with kefir or yogurt. The consistency of the finished mask should be comfortable to apply.