Top 10 most beautiful Brazilians

Residents of sunny Brazil are considered to be the sexiest and very attractive. And among them there are stunning beauties, whose external data deserve admiration.

So, the top 10 most beautiful Brazilians:

  1. The list should definitely include Gisele Bundchen. She is one of the most popular and sought-after top models of the world and even entered the Guinness Book of Records as the wealthiest representative of this difficult profession. And Giselle has received the unofficial title of the most influential woman in Brazil, and it is worthy of respect. Although Bundchen is Brazilian by birth, she has German roots, which add to her already expressive appearance a certain zest. By the way, the model likes sweets and even allows himself to eat him, while managing to maintain perfect forms. An interesting fact biography Giselle - lasting three years of an affair with the legendary Leonardo DiCaprio. For several years, the girl was the “angel” of the famous brand “Victoria’s Secret” and collaborated with him on special conditions that have not been revealed to this day.
  2. Giovanna Antonelli is an actress who has become famous not only in her homeland, but also practically all over the world. The main role of the passionate girl Jade in the series “The Clone”, which appeared on the screens back in 2001, brought her real fame. And although Giovanna's appearance is somewhat different from the traditional Brazilian, this did not prevent her from becoming one of the most famous and titled actresses, whose huge eyes and long curly hair conquered millions of hearts. In Brazil, by the way, it is considered a real visiting card and part of the country's culture. Today Antonelli continues to successfully star in not only TV shows, but also in films, and she is also engaged in producing.
  3. Isabeli Fontana. This model, which became one of the most famous Brazilian women, unlike many other representatives of her profession, did not focus on her first achievements and was able to achieve breathtaking success. She began as an “angel” of the Victoria’s Secret brand, and her photograph first appeared in the catalog when the girl was only sixteen years old, and this caused an uproar and a real resonance in society. Today, Isabeli has plunged into the world of avant-garde high fashion and occupies the highest positions in world rankings: her photos are often adorned on the covers of popular magazines,she is the face of leading brands. And unbridled and somewhat wild sexuality became the girl's calling card.
  4. Alessandra Ambrosio is a famous model and one of the most sexy "angels" of "Victoria's Secret". The girl owes her beauty to Italian and Polish roots, and this wild blend drives millions of men around the world crazy. Dark skin, incredibly long legs, snow-white charming smile, thick hair like sun-bleached in the sun - all this captivates at first glance. But Alessandra can beat her very extravagant appearance with elegance, classic restraint and chic. Ambrossio has a house on the ocean, and she loves sunbathing on the beach and surfing. The secret of beauty, according to the model itself, is the regular use of coconut water, which is very useful and helps to preserve youth and freshness.
  5. One of the most famous and attractive Brazilian women can be called Adrian Lima. She has French, Portuguese and even Indian roots, which gave her an incredibly feminine and expressive appearance: dark, perfectly smooth skin, thick dark hair, white teeth, mouth-watering lips, beautiful shapes and long legs.Adriana, like many other beautiful models, collaborates with the manufacturer of sexy lingerie and swimwear "Victoria's Secret" and on shows she wins her open sensuality, surprisingly combined with restraint and even modesty. By the way, Lima almost always has a Bible with her, and in her youth she planned to go to a monastery.
  6. Julian Paez, who is the most popular model, TV presenter and actress, is called Brazilian Aishwarya Rai in her homeland, and she is strikingly similar to Eva Mendes and has the same seductive and expressive appearance and qualities that nature herself emphasized: languid look, fatal beauty, femininity , passion and shine in the eyes. Juliana is shot for Playboy magazine and plays roles in various TV shows. By the way, many projects become successful and even iconic because of the sexual Paes, and even the supporting roles do not go unnoticed and bring success to the actress. Peak career Juliana reached through the filming of the series "The Roads of India." And after returning from them, the beauty gave up smoking and beef and went in for yoga, although her heart still belongs to samba.
  7. Ana Beatriz Barros has Spanish, Italian and Portuguese genes, and perhaps they made her one of the most beautiful women in Brazil and the whole world. She became a well-known representative of Victoria's Secret, collaborated with world brands such as Versace, Dolce Gabbana, Christian Dior, Gucci, Valentino. This Brazilian is more like a French woman due to her sophistication and veiled sensuality, and many consider her a sex symbol. By the way, Jennifer Lopez chose this particular model as the face of her clothing line.
  8. Camila Alves for her dizzy modeling career managed to visit the best fashion houses and walk on the most famous and prestigious catwalks. Camila came to America at the age of 15, and she had to work as a waitress and a cleaner for four years to pay bills. Then there were shootings in clips, photos for the most famous men's magazines, participation in promotions of world brands. But now Alves is the approximate mother of three children and the faithful wife of actor Matthew McConaughey, although she continues to fight everyone on the spot with her beauty during her visits to social events.
  9. Thais Araujo - actress by vocation, and she became the first dark-skinned girl who was given the main role in the series. This happened over twenty years ago, and Thais played a slave.Then there were other roles, and all Araujo "lit up" in eleven full-fledged series, as well as eight mini-series and films. In addition, she successfully tries herself as a TV presenter and is engaged in charity.
  10. Raquel Zimmerman has German roots, giving her appearance some kind of brutality and tough features bordering on femininity and sexuality. Success model was able to reach at a young age, and almost immediately it was noticed by the managers of the legendary lingerie brand "Victoria's Secret". Raquel was honored to participate in the advertising campaigns of famous fashion houses, starred in the most fashionable shows and could almost become the face of Vogue magazine. In addition, she deservedly entered the book "The Bible of Fashion."

These were the most amazing women from Brazil.

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