Toy for the niece

Next week I am going to visit my sister in Moscow. I did not see her for almost a year, I really missed her. I have already thought of a sister what to bring, but my niece does not know what to take. Advise that it is better to buy a girl of 1.5 years?
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Answered on July 14, 15:27
Buy her a doll, you can even buy one that says. You can also buy a toy that tells tales - we have a crab-storyteller. My daughter loves to listen to fairy tales, it's better than watching cartoons on the phone.
Answered on July 14 15:34
At that age we loved to build everything. Buy designer Lego with large parts, they are especially for small pens. We were still at that age were given a musical toy Noah's Ark. There, each character tells poems, sings songs - a very exciting toy.
Answered on July 14, 15:40
If you so rarely come to your sister, then you need to buy a toy that will be remembered by the girl. I have a son, but soon I am going to visit a friend who has a little daughter.