Toy Tower House

My four-year-old daughter just loves Kinder and collects toys that come across in chocolate surprises. My husband and I constantly stumble upon them, they "live" just everywhere: on the floor, on the couch, and even once I found Hippo in kitchenware. This problem had to be solved somehow. And I thought up to make an unusual house in the form of a tower, in which all these little animals will live. Prepare the following materials for work: - cans (three small or one large); - - scotch tape; - flax twine, paper thread; - PVA glue and glue for fabric; - a piece of self-woven fabric; - a piece of thick cardboard (from a packaging container) and stationery cardboard (half A4) ; - scissors; - wooden skewers (or matches).
 prepare the following materials
First you need to glue three tins with adhesive tape (if the capacity is high, then it remains in its original form). Getting the Procurementheight of 16 cm.  splice cans
 glue cans
Take a paper thread and start wrapping it around the future towers. To keep the thread well, you need to fix its end. And in order for the coils to fit snugly together, you should periodically apply PVA glue on the surface of the base.
 start to twist the blank
As soon as you have finished filling the surface , the working thread should be glued to the edge of the product so that the coils do not unwind. If there are blank edges, it doesn't matter, you can hide them with a linen rope.
 hide with a linen rope
Now you need to stick blank on a thick sheet of cardboard. It is possible to use for this a rectangular cut from a box for grocery goods. If you want, sprinkle the cardboard with sawdust to create a more interesting texture. glue the blank onto the cardboard Now cut out a circle from white rectangular stationery.Make a cone out of it.
 Form a cone from it
 Make a cone from it And glue it in a circle with linen twine. To do this, put glue on the cardboard and wrap it in a spiral with a thick thread. Glue the cone on top of the tin workpiece.
 Glue the cone on top
 Glue the cone on top
Now you need to make a decor for the tower. Cut wooden sticks 5 cm, 2.5 cm and 1 cm high from wooden skewers. From these pieces make a door and a window on the house. You can glue on the side and spiral forms of twine, pieces of openwork tape. In a word, you need to fill the empty space on the facade of the building.
 make the decor for the tower
make decor for the tower Now proceed to the formation of a beautiful fence. To do this, take flax twine and glue it along the edge of the cardboard base in the form of ringlets.To do this, a thick thread should be carefully glued, gradually twisting into round molds.
 go to forming the fence
go to the formation of the fence The whole composition can be supplemented with thematic decorations. For example, to make a large broom from a piece of wooden skewer and linen twine, plus a bag of grain from self-woven linen and rope.
 add thematic decorations
 add thematic decorations
Place unusual decorative objects near the tower.
decorative objects
And on the roof of the house you can attach a magic ball. It is easily twisted from paper rope.
 attach the magic ball
It remains only to inhabit the inhabitants of this fabulous tower house. Such an article will surely intrigue your little one. My daughter sits near the house, comes up with stories and plays around various situations with little toy characters. And when he goes to bed, he places all the residents near his house. And now we no longer stumble upon the little animals, they are exactly on the ground.