Toys for girls - we give a fairy tale to our princess

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
March 13, 2017
Toys for girls - we give a fairy tale to our princess

If you are the parents of a girl who is already in school, then you know for sure that her requirements for toys have increased significantly over the past few years. And it is not surprising, the baby develops, learns the world, and it is already difficult to surprise with a simple puzzle. Yes, and too boring toys will not allow the child to develop imagination, to be creative in the game. But why such problems, when you can hit your daughter easily and simply by buying Lego for girls 8 years and older. Bright, interesting, with your favorite characters from fairy tales and cartoons, developing and always unexpected. These designers will be your favorite entertainment.

Lego for girls

In a world of exciting emotions

Each new Lego for girls is a time-consuming development of craftsmen who have managed to explore all the desires of the little “clients”:

  • Bright shades - attract attention, are easily perceived by a children's eye, do not irritate and do not overstrain sight.
  • Graceful figures - girls pay particular attention to the details, so the sets for them are more refined and thought out to the smallest detail.
  • Complex designs - young ladies are more assiduous from boys, so the developers offer designers that require attention, painstaking "work" to create new stories of their own tales.

And, of course, the sets reflect the preferences of girls who love cute animals, associate themselves with luxurious fairy-tale fairies or princesses, dream of meeting with mysterious elves. Be sure that girls will love the sets, where you can revive their wards - the presence of motors, remote controls.

Lego for girls

Is it more difficult?

Your baby is ready to create uneasy individual heroes, but she wants to build entire blocks of houses, assemble mechanisms and connect several constructs into one huge world? No problem. Give your girl a set of the Lego Creator series.

These are unique designs that expand horizons! Of these, you can collect several options at once on the choice of the child.

There will be no difficulties in the "development" of its own model of the structure or the invented hero, animal or machine. It remains to choose a favorite theme baby:

  • Buildings and small houses - design a real bungalow, houses by a picturesque lake or a hotel on the beach.
  • The fauna - developmental kits that help you remember how domestic and wild animals look in different parts of the world, there are also mythical "representatives" (dragons, etc.)
  • Equipment and modern transport - cars, aircraft, ships, boats, etc.

Lego designers are always an excellent gift that for many days will excite the imagination of your baby, helping to develop even more rapidly.