Released biopic trailer "Beauty for the Beast" with El Fanning

Transform from alien punk to a Victorian writer? Easily! In the historical biopic, which Russian distributors for some reason dubbed "Beauty for the Beast", El Fanning played the role of Mary Shelley - the creator of the famous "Frankenstein", the wife and muse of the poet Percy Bish Shelley. Neither the harsh customs of the beginning of the 19th century, nor the fact that Percy, at the time of their meeting, was already married and raised a child, could not prevent young Mary from leaving her father's house and following her lover to the ends of the world, which eventually resulted in a long-term creative union and personal tragedy for a girl. Just a couple of years later, Mary would survive the painful collapse of illusions, the birth of her daughter and the betrayal of loved ones, finding that Percy was not cunning when she sang free love as an ideal. But on the other hand, the result of all this will be a novel about a creature forgotten by its creator, who would not have come into the world, if Mary herself did not know loneliness and loss.