Ultrasonic cleaning of teeth, price

Daily hygiene of the oral cavity is not always a guarantee that the teeth and gums will remain healthy and there will be no need to go to the dentist. Remove plaque in hard-to-reach places with a conventional brush, especially if the teeth are cleaned in a hurry, sometimes fails, which can cause the appearance of calculus, which in turn causes a number of additional complications. The price of this procedure varies withinfrom 1500 to 3000 rubles.


Ultrasonic teeth cleaning



The presence of tartar can cause increased bleeding gums, bad breath and other unpleasant consequences, therefore it is necessary to visit a specialist for professional dental cleaning, including the removal of tartar regularly. The intensity of the formation of tartar in each person is individual - someone needs to remove the stone every 6 months, and someone can do without this procedure for up to 1 year.


Previously, to remove tartar and plaque from the teeth, a mechanical method was used, which was quite painful, could injure the surface of the teeth and gums and was not always very effective. Now he is replaced by a more modern method of ultrasonic teeth cleaning, which is more comfortable for the patient and has a higher efficiency of use. Ultrasonic cleaning of teeth is performed with an ultrasonic scaler, which acts on tartar and plaque with the help of ultrasound vibration, selected with the desired amplitude of oscillation.


In the process of teeth cleaning with ultrasound, the doctor conducts several stages of the procedure:

- Processes dental canals.
- Removes plaque on the teeth, which is formed as a result of smoking and eating colored foods.
- Removes supragingival and subgingival dental calculus.
- Conducts washing periodontal pockets with a special solution.
- Makes polishing of the tooth surface with a special paste.


Besides the fact that ultrasonic cleaning of teeth helps solve the problem of tartar and plaque,it also has a cosmetic effect, because after it is performed, the color of the teeth becomes 1–2 tones lighter and many clients who previously planned to additionally perform teeth whitening, refuse this procedure.


After the teeth have been sonicated, it is necessary to follow a number of recommendations that will help the gums to quickly regain their health. Usually in these cases, doctors recommend using special gels with an antibacterial effect for several days, as well as carrying out rinsing of the oral cavity with means intended for these purposes.


Professional teeth cleaning can be carried out as a separate procedure and as the first stage before dental treatment. Removal of plaque and calculus allows the dentist to more thoroughly examine the oral cavity and notice the slightest changes in the condition of the teeth.


Carrying out brushing before dental treatment is also recommended because it allows you to further obtain a more reliable connection of the seal with the tooth surface, and also allows the doctor to more accurately choose the color of the material when filling.Ultrasonic cleaning of teeth is not recommended for children, people suffering from cardiac arrhythmia, asthma, bronchitis, as well as those who use a pacemaker.