Unlimited Comparison

Mobile phones have long ceased to be just a means of communication, they now play the role of a source of information, and perhaps it is thanks to the Internet. With the development of the Internet industry, cellular operators have taken on the task of providers, combining the two most important opportunities for a modern person - communication and access to information. There is always fierce competition among the leading providers of such services in the Russian Federation - more and more lucrative offers, promotions, discounts, etc. appear. In this article we will find out which operator has the most favorable Internet tariffs.

Unlimited Beeline Tariffs

The operator Beeline offers its subscribers several options for connecting unlimited Internet on a mobile phone. This is the only company that guarantees each client 200 Mb of absolutely free traffic per month. Of course, this is not enough to talk enough on social networks or download music, but it is enough to check mail from time to time and quickly find useful information.

However, when 200 MB end, the Internet is blocked, and customers can choose one of the proposed packages:

  • for 13 rubles. per day, the operator offers to purchase 3 GB of traffic per month (the total amount will be about 350 rubles). At the same time, the customer can pay daily or pay for a whole month at once;
  • 7 GB cost 550 rubles. per month;
  • 15 GB - 850 rubles. per month;
  • 30 GB - 1150 rubles. per month.

Unlimited tele2

Unlimited Comparison

The unlimited Internet operator Tele2 is currently only developing. The company began installation of 3G and 4G recently, and managed to cover only a small number of Russian cities. This list is gradually updated with new settlements and can be found on the official website of the operator.

Unlimited Internet Tele2 is mainly provided in integrated packages, along with advantageous offers of mobile communication (free minutes of conversation, SMS). By the way, quite recently Tele2 launched a completely new line of advantageous tariff offers, which can be viewed at http://tele2life.ru/1/content/view/658/.

Unlimited mts

Unlimited Comparison

Tariff plans for unlimited Internet from MTS are suitable for any users, from beginners who prefer a network for entertainment, to professionals who use resources to the maximum.

The best offers of unlimited Internet on MTS are, perhaps, the following:

  1. Unlimited MINI - the cost of the package is 350 rubles. in months. for 3 GB of traffic. This is enough for a regular but short stay in the network (browsing mail, searching for information, etc.).
  2. Unlimited MAXI - 12 GB of traffic for 700 rubles. monthly.
  3. VIP NL is for 1200 rubles. you buy as much as 30 GB of traffic per month. This is enough for free Internet surfing, and for working communication with colleagues and clients, and for online entertainment.

Unlimited Megaphone

Megafon has similar offers with MTS, but the list of tariffs is much broader. That is why the operator allows you to choose the most profitable offer for each client.

Unlimited Comparison

Unlimited Internet Megaphone:

  1. 350 rub. for 3 GB - this offer is no different from Beeline or MTS.
  2. 590 rubles. for 8 GB - a great option for students, allowing you to quickly find information, communicate in social networks, etc.
  3. 890 rub. for 18 GB - a package for regular online communication, surfing, downloading media files.
  4. 1290 rub. for 30 GB - professional package for permanent work in the network.

The most profitable fare

If you absolutely need unlimited Internet on your phone, the most profitable offers at the moment are observed in MTS and Megafon.Beeline, although it has a free package for 200 MB, but this is too little to feel the freedom of surfing.

Megaphone has a lot of diverse packages, rather than MTS, so customers can choose for themselves the best option for the cost and size of traffic. Proceeding from all this, it can be concluded that for today mobile unlimited Internet is most advantageous for acquiring from operator Megafon.