Vegetarian cake "Big Company"

Photo: Tatyana Grebennikova
Berry jam (Blueberry, thick)560 gramsChicory4 tbsp.Sugar2 stack
For cream
Milk (Better homemade, no smell)3 litersSemolina3 stackSugar6 stackVanillin10 sachets
For decoration
Orange1 kgGrapes0.5 kilograms2 piecesStrawberry1 stack
For the cake
6 stackSugar3 stackCocoa powder (Can be replaced by carob)6 tbsp.Lemon juice3 tbsp.Refined vegetable oil1.5 stacks3 tsp.3 stack
  • Servings:
  • Preparation time:30 minutes
  • Cooking time:
  • Flow temperature:Room temperature
  • Processing Type:Baking

Vegetarianism is not a reason to refuse a tasty cake! This cake can be easily prepared without eggs. With such a treat, any holiday will be held with a bang!

Cooking method:

Boil the semolina in milk until tender, cool and mix with a mixer and butter and vanilla.

For cake mix sugar, butter, carob, soda, quenched with lemon juice, vanillin. Add flour and water, mix with a mixer.

Bake cakes at 200 degrees, about 50−60 minutes

Chicory mixed with jam and sugar.

Put jam and cream on the cake. Assemble the cake. Top with cream and garnish with fruit.

Leave the cake to soak for 2−3 hours.

The ingredients are designed for 50 people. If you are cooking at 16, then divide the number of ingredients by 3.