Volvo xc60 characteristics

Volvo xc60 characteristicsWith web technologies, it was not so difficult to find whole virtual colonies of Volvo fans, since old contacts and connections from the times when I was the proud owner of a car of this brand were preserved. People responded willingly and gladly answered questions, with many I was personally acquainted.


The main task was to sum up his own impression of the car, backing up (or disproving) his public opinion, finding weak and strong places and making a conclusion: it is worth the play a candle or not. “Prospecting” several large forums and talking with a dozen owners, I found out the following.


In total in 2011, almost 100,000 Volvo XC60 vehicles were sold in the world. This is more than 1/5 of the total sales of all Volvo. The model is certainly popular: advertising played a role here, constantly stressing the concern of Swedish automakers about safety, and the fact that this is the most suitable car for the winter. I tried to check the last statement, because our equipment has to work in winter conditions for almost half a year.


Yes, the XC60 warms up quickly, and the auto-heating system creates additional comfort in the cold, but there are no absolutely trouble-free cars, there are still some complaints. Volvo xc60 characteristics.


Problem number 1, which was revealed during the operation and was confirmed by other owners: there is no heating of the wipers area on the windshield. Result: frosting gum, frost on the glass, deterioration of the review.


Problem number 2. With the onset of cold weather, some owners complain about the errors of the ABS / DSTC sensors. At the service they say that this happens with a sharp drop in temperature. But in fact, these errors can appear simply because the sensors are being thrown by mud, snow and reagents.


Problem number 3. Perhaps the most painful topic for the XC60 is the same: the very pre-start Webasto heater, the praises to which I sang in one of the past issues. This is especially true for diesel engines. The essence of the problem: quite often in winter "webasto" does not turn on, and this function is blocked. With what is connected: firstly, the autorun does not occur, if the tank is almost empty (less than 10 liters of fuel). Secondly, at a low temperature it can freeze the fuel (especially diesel engines), attacks like fuel supply pipes to the heater are very thin, it can freeze inside,and the feed will be broken. In the case of three or six failures, the function is blocked, and the on-board computer flashes an error. After this, the only way to eliminate it is a trip to the dealer. By the way, by and large I will inform you that competent masters on the service do not recommend refueling with a lot of additives, especially in winter, - they forecast problems with launching "webasto" in the frost.


Addition to the problem number 3 and to the question of "Webasto." Do not be alarmed when a cloud of black smoke escapes from the exhaust pipe, especially if you have been using the pre-start heater recently. Most likely, this is triggered by the system of burning the resulting soot and self-cleaning device.

As recommendations, it is advised not to turn off warming up ahead of time. For the correct functioning of the system, it is important that the preheater works for at least 30 minutes, then the resulting soot will be burned in the desired mode and be discharged outside with a black cloud.


Problem number 4 (not winter). The headlights on the Volvo XC60 / XC90 are expensive and easy to remove. The main thing for this is to open the hood, and there are two mounts and a headlight on the loose.At one time, according to the Volvo service masters, there was a real epidemic in Moscow - the driver's windows were beaten, the lever was pulled and everything was ready: a question of a couple of minutes. Therefore, Volvo now offers extremely durable glass lamination - the Security package. Withstands heavy blows.