"Vote. Children ": Meladze, Pelagia and Basta become mentors in the new season

The names of the mentors of the 5th season of the musical project “Golos.Deti” have become known - Valery Meladze, Pelageya and Basta, who became the famous turntables, will become famous.

All of them have already worked on the project, but Meladze - only with children, and Basta - only with adults, and never before did these mentors participate in Golos together! Dmitry Nagiyev will again appear before the audience as a presenter.

Photo: Channel One

Young singers aged from 7 to 14 years from all over the country, who were lucky enough to successfully overcome the casting stage, were able to participate in the singing contest. In total, about 7 thousand works were sent to the competition! Thousands of applicants entered the preliminary short list and were invited to the castings at the Ostankino television center. And only 123 of the strongest will rise on the stage of the “Voice” at the stage of blind auditions.

Photo: Channel One

Under the terms of the contest, during the Blind auditions, each of the mentors will pick up a team of 15 performers.At the “Fights” stage, teams will be divided into triples and from each to the next stage only one strongest competitor will pass. At the stage “Song through” mentors will choose the finalists (2 for each team). Then, viewers will have the opportunity to “save” with their voices one more performer from each team (from the number who dropped out of the “Song bleed”).