We are preparing for the matinee

Children learn poems, songs and dances and happily demonstrate their achievements to their parents. How to keep joy and calm on the eve of the event and support the child in this important matter?
• Learn a poem 2 weeks before the holiday. Let the kid tell his dad, grandmother and grandfather - this is the first experience of speaking to the public.
• Prepare and try on a suit in advance, if you need to hem or replace it, you will have time.
• When choosing a costume, make sure that he likes the child, it is comfortable and easy. Even a tiger cub suit you like can deliver discomfort and spoil the whole mood.
• Do not overdo the selection of hairstyles and makeup for little beauties. Light gloss on the lips and a beautiful hairpin will delight the girl no less.
• Give your child a small gift on the eve of the holiday - it will cheer him up. After all, performance on the stage for all children is an exciting process.
• Do not try to photograph everyone and everything at the matinee.Yes, and video can be charged to a specialist. Baby wants to see your eyes and your smile.
• Slap him and praise for the performance after the holiday. This is the key to future victories.