We make a petition for the appointment of autotechnical expertise

Of course, ordinary citizens will have a lot of requests for higher authorities. Someone keeps them to himself, and someone forms the appeal and sends it to the appropriate addressee who is authorized to solve this or that problem. Such written form of the document is referred to as a petition.

PetitionIn practice, of course, the majority of all petitions are sent to judicial authorities. But not only persons involved in the proceedings can apply, but also ordinary people.

For example, young mothers write petitions to the education department to give a child a place in the kindergarten; Often, debtors send petitions to financial institutions to defer payment, etc. And if the last addressees do not care in what form the application will be presented, then the courts require strict adherence to the rules. In the petition, which is sent to the court - no matter in what and in what case,must indicate:

  • The name of the judicial authority - the addressee;
  • Data of the judge leading the case (or the chairman of the court);
  • The data of the applicant - the applicant;
  • The circumstances of the case, on the basis of which the petition was drawn up;
  • The specific request of the applicant, which must satisfy the court;
  • List of documents you wish to attach to the petition.

Of course, an experienced lawyer is not worth the great work to make any petition that can not be said about the inhabitants. Today it is not difficult to find a sample of this document on any web resource, but doubts about its literacy can easily arise. Therefore, it is worth trusting only trusted resources, such as the FreshDoc online service, where a team of highly qualified lawyers is working on developing a huge number of different documents. FreshDoc has developed many forms for writing a petition, among which you will find the one you need.

If you need autotechnical expertise

Today traffic accidents are the scourge of our time. In no other disaster do so many people die as they are on our roads.Who was right on the road, who caused the accident, what conditions contributed to this - these and many other issues often have to be solved by the investigation and the court. In many cases, one of the parties disagrees with the course of the case and court decisions. Of course, it is not always easy to identify the culprit and all the circumstances of the incident, so you have to turn to professional experts. Examination can be carried out both by a court decision and by applying for the appointment of an autotechnical examination, which was sent by one of the participants in the accident.

This petition can be filed both with the filing of the claim, and already in the course of the proceedings in the case of an accident. Standard requirements apply to this type of application, however, in the document you can request the appointment of experts:

  • That the examination was carried out by a specific institution or a specific expert person;
  • To the choice of expert organization and experts was entrusted to the court.
  • If the request for expertise is satisfied, the following work can be carried out by experts:
  • Investigation of the circumstances in which the accident occurred;
  • The study of those.the condition of the vehicle involved in the incident on the road;
  • Transport and translation studies;
  • Study of road conditions;
  • Auto Evaluation.

In any case, if the conducted examination does not satisfy you, you can apply for repeated or additional expert studies.