What are comb for dogs?

If your dog has long and thick hair, then it just needs a comb, and with suitable and high-quality. Find out how to choose it.

What are the?

Hairbrushes for dogs are different. Their main types:

  1. Conventional single-row hairbrushes are suitable for long, but not very thick wool.
  2. The brush helps to comb and unravel even long hair, but also this option is suitable for short-haired dogs. Instead of teeth, there are rather soft bristles, so the skin will not be damaged. And still use of a brush is a fine massage!
  3. Massage rubber brush mitten. Of course, it will not help to unravel the wool, but it will allow combing out the unnecessary undercoat, as well as provide a massage for the pet's skin, and he will definitely like it.
  4. Pokhoderka. It is a comb with numerous thin metal, slightly curved teeth (their ends are usually rounded), which make it easy to pry the loose undercoat and remove it.
  5. The furminator is a modern device, invented by one very enterprising and quick-witted groom (dog-hair stylist).Its use can replace a variety of procedures. It is a device with a convenient handle, with a rather wide base and one row of closely spaced straight and rather short teeth. Furminator allows you to effectively and quickly remove the entire undercoat, and at a time. And it is suitable for both long-haired and short-haired pets.
  6. Hairbrushes with moving teeth. Such a device will not exactly harm the pet, as it will not have a gross mechanical effect on his coat. But if it is very long, then it will not work out fully.
  7. Hairbrushes with teeth of different lengths are very easy to use, as they allow you to comb the animal painlessly, unravel the wool well and comb the undercoat.
  8. Trimming is a comb with short teeth that are attached to the blade. In fact, it is a knife with teeth. This option is used for quick and effective removal of the undercoat, as well as aligning and trimming the awn. But for the application you need certain skills, otherwise it will not work.
  9. Koltunorez - this is not quite comb, although he looks like her.Such a device has a handle and teeth, but all of them are sharp, which makes it possible not only to comb the wool, but also to cut tangled areas, that is, mats. Use koltunorez should be very careful not to hurt the pet.

What to look for when choosing?

So, how to choose a suitable comb for your beloved pet? Pay attention to the following important points:

  • Wool animal. If it is thick, then a single-row comb is unlikely to cope with its functions, it is better to purchase a version with several rows. And the teeth should not be too frequent, otherwise you will pull out or damage the hairs. If the wool is also long and because of this it often becomes tangled, then you can get a soft brush or a comb with very rare teeth, which will be able to unravel especially difficult areas.
  • Material. Preference is given only to high-quality and durable materials. For example, plastic is definitely not suitable. Although it is inexpensive, but, firstly, it will provoke the electrification of wool, and secondly, it can simply break, especially if the dog is long-haired. The metal is durable and reliable, but the use of a comb from such a material can be quite rough, especially if the teeth will touch the skin of the pet.But the comb perfectly slides on the surface, which allows you to unravel even long wool. The tree will be an excellent choice, because it is environmentally friendly, does not electrify hairs and does not damage the skin. But such material must be properly processed, otherwise the risk of splinters will increase.
  • The teeth. Consider them carefully. In no case should their ends be too sharp, as this may damage the dog's skin. Ideally, their tips should be rounded or covered with silicone.
  • The size. It directly depends on the size of the pet. So, if the dog is big, then the comb should match, otherwise you will have to comb the pet for a very long time, making efforts. And for a small dog a small comb is quite suitable.


Some useful tips for dog owners:

  1. There are two-sided hairbrushes, and this is an excellent option for owners, whose pets shed much (molting, in fact, changes the properties of wool) or participate in exhibitions and often change the "hairstyle."
  2. Evaluate not only the ease of use, but also the sensations of the dog itself. So, if she is twitching and nervous, then she probably just doesn’t like the comb that you have chosen.
  3. If you are only teaching your dog to the procedure of combing (to do it, by the way, it is desirable from an early age to develop a habit), then it is better to get a few hairbrushes to evaluate them and choose the best option.
  4. To the procedure of combing were more productive and pleasant, as well as less time consuming, they should be carried out regularly. The frequency will depend on the characteristics of the breed. If the coat is thick and the pet sheds heavily, then it is desirable to comb it daily. Otherwise, you run the dog to such an extent that the mats are formed, and they need to be shaved.
  5. To make the wool combed more easily, use specialized detergents with softening and caring components to bathe your pet.
  6. Start combing only when the dog is full and in a calm state and a good mood. If she is hungry, evil, nervous or sick, she will not be delighted with the procedure.
  7. In the arsenal of any caring owner should be a comb with frequent prongs, since it is convenient to comb the fleas and other insect pests.

Let your dog be pleased, and her wool will always be combed!

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