What are animals?

Our world is full of mysterious creatures that never cease to amaze us. After all, not all the animals on the planet, we know. In fact, who are we used to seeing? Kotov, dogs, chickens, cows ... And what are animals in foreign countries for us?

Animal classification

First, let's look at what groups animals are divided into:

  • Mammals
  • Birds,
  • Fish, cyclostomes, lancelet,
  • Mollusks, echinoderms,
  • Other invertebrates,
  • Reptiles
  • Amphibians,
  • Arthropods,

Many representatives of animals serve us faithfully and truthfully, without them we cannot imagine our life, but there are also wild ones, under no circumstances will people ever subjugate them to themselves. What animal were people able to tame first? Incredibly, it was a wolf! It happened about 11-15 thousand years ago, the wolf got so domesticated that it turned into a dog over time. He became the best friend of man, but could not bring as much benefit as a goat.

What are the animals in the desert

Despite the dry climate, some animals were able to adapt to life in the desert.Birds, mammals, reptiles and insects are found in these places.

As a rule, animals living in the desert have a light color, which gives them the opportunity to easily merge with the environment. In addition, they are perfectly adapted to temperature changes and lack of water.

Sahara fox

This night resident has large and sharp ears. Her diet includes fruits, seeds, termites and lizards. The length of her body is only 45 cm, which does not prevent her from building 15-meter holes in the ground.

White-backed Vulture

It is a vulture with a long neck, allowing it to stick its head into any bone remains. His vision is very well developed, and his broad wings are adapted to the longest soaring in search of the main food - they fell.


An animal that has one hump and losing 40% of its total weight in conditions of lack of water and food. It feeds on the remains of animals and plants. Lives in herds.


The size of this animal is diverse. Some antelopes are no larger than a hare, and some reach the size of a bull. The antelope feeds on plants and is considered to be a ruminant, as it rests on chewing food all the time.The horns of this mammal continue to grow throughout life.

What animals live in Antarctica

We already know that some animals perfectly adapt to an excessively hot climate. Is it possible to survive these creatures in conditions of constant frost? Of course, we know from childhood. But which animals live in Antarctica?

  • Blue whale,
  • Seyval,
  • Sperm whale,
  • Albatross,
  • Great Skua,
  • North Kachurka,
  • Ross Seal,
  • Giant petrel,
  • The crabeater seal
  • Sea leopard
  • Southern elephant seal,
  • Penguins.

All birds in Antarctica survive only thanks to the ocean, which gives them fish. Land animals are difficult to meet here, and in insects you will not see wings because of the constant wind.

What are the most dangerous animals

  • Mosquito - malaria carrier. Through blood infects the parasite. Every year more than 2 million people die from mosquito bites.
  • Australian jellyfish. It is called the sea wasp. It has a 60th 4-meter tentacles, each of which is capable of killing 60 people. Its poisonous cells.

What is the smallest animal

The smallest animal on Earth has a very long name - Kitty Pig Bat.The length of this creature is no more than 3 cm, and the weight is up to 2 grams. The Thai biologist Kitty Thonglongya discovered the bat back in 1973.

What is the slowest animal

The sloth is the slowest and most helpless animal on our planet. His whole life is spent on trees in limbo. If he needs to go down from the top of the tree, he, in order not to waste his strength, simply takes and falls to the ground, curled up into a ball. He sleeps at least 15 hours a day, and eats at night. All his actions take place in a hanging position. It moves at a speed of 150 m / h, despite the fact that even the speed of the turtle is 700 m / h.

Interesting facts about animals

  • Garlic fish has green bones.
  • The octopus is the owner of the rectangular pupils.
  • The mass of goods that are able to move the ant leaf cutter, exceeds its own weight by 50 times.
  • The jaws of a cat cannot move to the sides.
  • The world's largest heart belongs to a giraffe.
  • 9 times in a minute only the whale's heart beats.
  • 13 seconds is a record flight of a chicken.
  • The length of the tongue in a giraffe reaches 45 cm, in addition, it is completely black.
  • 2400 liters of water in 2 seconds - that’s how much an adult whale inhales.
  • A zebra is an animal with a white and black color, not black and white.
  • The caterpillar has more muscles than a man.
  • The tit cares about its chicks so much that it manages to feed them a thousand times a day.
  • Female armadillo, which is in stressful situations, delaying its birth even for two years.

We can talk about what animals are like for a very long time. Read, watch, and you will discover many new things!