What are the benefits of a labor veteran?

The category “labor veteran” implies that the current retiree has been fruitfully and flawlessly working for a long time in an organization, an enterprise, with well-deserved thanks from an employer. But, unfortunately, this does not provide a good pension at a decent amount. Often, a retired labor veteran falls into the category of low-income population. The legislation provides benefits, but the use of these benefits often becomes problematic for various reasons - from the uncleanliness of who should provide preferential services to the legal ignorance of the retiree, therefore, considering the question of what benefits the veteran of labor has to be as careful as possible. Most often, alas, such negligence is allowed in the field of medical care. For example, a veteran of labor has the right to complete, free treatment and prosthetics of teeth out of turn. But in fact, you can face this situation: the dentist, of course, does not refuse the patient to be served,but refers to a shortage of materials. This creates the need for queuing and waiting, which can take a long time. Such issues are resolved exclusively at the legal level: collecting all the necessary documents, such as: copies of a passport, certificate of the amount of the pension, certificate of the veteran of labor. You can file a written complaint with the appropriate authorities, in which you specifically indicate to the request to give you a written answer within the time period established by the legislative framework. If the answer you received was not satisfactory, then you can appeal the decision in court.

The same situation with the spa treatment. It would seem that it could be easier if the pensioner has a preferential right to extraordinary treatment and prevention in sanatorium facilities. But, however, and here will not do without a trick. So to say, there are a lot of “priorities”, and there are few vouchers, thus, a new line is created. And not the fact that a free ticket will appear in the desired season. In this case, you have a chance to fight for the compensation of the cost of the permit. If you are registered in the management of labor, as well as in the management of social protection of the population,provide them with documents confirming that you have taken spa treatment in the selected institution, confirming payment of the full cost of the voucher, a copy of the certificate of privilege and a statement in the form for compensation. However, such compensation can only be counted once every two years, and the amount of compensation may unpleasantly surprise with its meager size.

So, summing up, we consider what benefits for labor veterans have been put to execution. The law defines the right to extraordinary service in polyclinics, dental offices at municipal clinics, sanatorium treatment and treatment and preventive services. Additional leave up to two weeks taken at their own expense, as well as regular annual leave at a time chosen by the beneficiary; the labor veteran will be exempt from paying land taxes and will be given an advantage in installing communication tools, such as a telephone; It will also be granted the right to free travel in public transport within the precincts of the area of ​​residence. Here, too, there are pitfalls: free travel is realized only taking into account the ratio of total family income and the amount of income defined for social benefits.

We have to accept the fact that the law so ambiguously interprets the rights of socially unprotected citizens. At this stage of legal development, it would be more correct to consider not so much what benefits labor veterans enjoy, but rather what benefits for them are really available and easily realized. For a person who is not too sophisticated in the specifics of the law, it will not be so easy to exercise his right to a benefit to the full. Only a careful reading of the laws and regulations and following the recommendations to keep all the documentation that certifies payment for the goods and services received will be able to guarantee that you will receive the required benefits.