What are the crafts called?

Natalya Kosenko
Natalya Kosenko
March 18, 2015
What are the crafts called?

Hand-made crafts from a variety of materials not only provide great opportunities for creativity, but can also serve as an additional source of income.

Along with the classic trends now there are many new-fashioned types of needlework with exotic names.

What are the self-made crafts called?

Consider the same, what materials are used in their manufacture.


The ancient Chinese art of creating paper figurines. Initially, possession of the technique of origami was considered good form and was popular among the representatives of the upper classes. To simplify the folding process developed a unified system of signs. For the manufacture of handicrafts can be used plain, special (Kami) or foil paper.


Even the ancient Egyptians weaved necklaces and bracelets of beads, decorated their clothes. Bead jewelery is no less relevant today.The versatility of beads allows you to make crafts and souvenirs: flower arrangements, key rings, Easter eggs, photo frames, etc.


Plastic materials (plasticine, clay, polycaprolactone, etc.) are used to manufacture products of various shapes. You can decorate your own home with original and useful things or please your friends.


The technique of decorating objects, which is gluing onto the surface of paper with a pattern, creating the illusion of hand painting. Similarly, you can restore furniture, decorate vases, dishes, jewelry boxes and other interior items.


The art of creating and decorating photo albums, scrapbooks or notes, postcards. For this purpose, various types of fasteners (rings, ribbons, springs) and decorative elements of various materials (leather, fabric, paper of various textures, lace, rhinestones, etc.) are used.


Topiary is the tree of happiness that brings good luck, well-being and good mood to a house. This type of craft originated from the art of figured tree trimming.To make a tree, you need a decorative pot, foam plastic, construction foam or a floral sponge for the base and any material for the crown (tapes, dried flowers, colored paper, coffee beans, etc.).


Patchwork sewing technique is used not only for the manufacture of traditional blankets. According to the principle of mosaic of multi-colored pieces of fabric, craftsmen create bags, paths and even whole pictures.