What are the fashion bags?

Any outfit can be considered complete with the appropriate accessories. And this addition is the constant companion of any girl and woman - bag. Designers offers for 2013 are very diverse.

What bags are relevant in winter 2013

Let us examine in more detail what bags are now in fashion. This winter (2012-2013), along with practical traditional bags of inconspicuous colors (black, brown, beige), bright colors appeared. In the new year, all shades of green (except acid) and deep blue will be especially relevant. There are bright red bags that never go out of fashion. And those who do not like bright colors are offered more muted shades. Especially a lot of bags burgundy tones. Among the unusual for the winter colors can be noted delicate peach shades. These bags can be worn in the spring. In a fashion also various prints, including snake and leopard.

Striking and a variety of textures. First of all, it is of course fur. It can be short and long, natural and artificial, natural colors and bright shades.This season even clutches are made of fur.

Lacquered bags are back in fashion. For those who do not like lacquer or fur, designers offer bags combined or with the decoration of these materials.

The trend of the season - the skin of reptiles (crocodile, python). However, such products are quite expensive. Therefore, bags of high-quality artificial leather of the appropriate texture will also be widely presented in 2013.

The size of the bag can be chosen for all occasions: from voluminous trunks to frivolous small handbags - such impractical, but terribly cute.

Pleases fashionistas and a variety of models: comfortable soft bags; rigid frame models of various forms, including office; envelope bags. The clutches popular last season now have not only loops, but also handles and straps.

Strict rules about how to carry a bag, this year is not expected. You can just hold the bag in your hand, even if there is a handle or a belt. Last season's trendy bags with long straps remain relevant. There are also models with short handles: and hard (made of leather, plastic, wood) and soft.

Originality of spring models

And what are the fashion bags will be in the spring of 2013? In addition to the models described above, designers offer very unusual options. For example, the usual small clutches often take bizarre forms. These bags are shaped like a ball, bow or crystal, sometimes resemble a bottle of perfume. This accessory will be a win-win option for evening exits.

To the models of roomy bags, one more was added - the banana popular in the 80s of the 20th century. Moreover, such a soft cylindrical trunk is proposed to be worn not only with sports-style clothing.

In addition to the usual materials for the manufacture of bags in 2013 will use plastic. These bags look unusual and even avant-garde.

Among the urgent, in the spring, bright colors are found and many restrained pastel shades. Especially elegant are cream and light gray bags. There are plastic products, and leather with a metallic sheen. A festivity even everyday alongside will give handbags decorated with sequins and beads.

Now, knowing what fashion bags will be in 2013, you can always choose the best model for yourself, and look modern and attractive.