What are the most valuable coins? in 2018

How to know the value of a coin

One of the options is familiarity with the catalog of coins of Russia 1997-2012. Of course, many of these coins are not valuable, and they will not be able to sell at a price above par. But there are factors that influence the increase in their value.
Valuable may be coins issued in small quantities. Accordingly, in this case there are not so many of them, which increases their significance. The second reason why a coin can be valuable is the presence of a marriage made during the minting process. Such is considered any sign of a coin that distinguishes it from other similar banknotes of the whole circulation. This may be, for example, the absence of a mint mark, image distortion and much more. In these cases, the value of the coin can be estimated at more than 5,000 thousand rubles.
A great option to evaluate your collection may be visiting the sites of numismatists, where auctions are held. This will allow you to assess the real value of your coins, to make a profitable sale, or, conversely, the purchase of currency.

Valuable coins for today

Currently the most highly valued coins are:
- coins of imperial Russia of limited release, made of gold and silver;
- commemorative coins of that time (circulation of 1839 in honor of the construction of a monument to the Battle of Borodino, circulation of 1762 in honor of the coronation of Catherine II, circulation of 1841 in honor of the wedding of Alexander II);Coins of imperial Russia are valued only in perfect condition.
- coins of the Soviet Union that did not fall into circulation from the circulation of 1947-1958;
- silver coins of 1921 - face value of 10, 15 or 20 kopecks.
If we talk about modern coins, the most valuable are 5-ruble coins issued in 1999: the price for them may exceed 250 thousand rubles. There is practically no such money in circulation, and it will be a great success to meet her.Also valuable are coins of 50 kopecks, 1, 2 rubles in circulation in 2001 and 1, 2, 5 rubles in 2003.
Search options for valuable coins set. You can take this case very seriously, treasure hunting and exploring the various places of their intended location.
Sometimes it's enough just to check the contents of your wallet on time. Perhaps you are lucky and you will meet valuable banknotes of modern time. Such coin searching activities can be very entertaining.Perhaps she even grows into a serious hobby.