What candles are better on the WHA?

Spark plugs - an essential attribute of any car with a gasoline engine. Russian winter is a real test for these details. It was during this period of the year that the candles are breaking down more and more, and drivers are beginning to think more carefully about which candles are better at the WHA. It is on this topic that today we will discuss in more detail.

Today candles on the VAZ 2107, which are usually put by the owners of cars, are produced in Europe and Japan. Unfortunately, drivers have little confidence in domestic manufacturers of candles. In this review, we describe some widely available candles in our market.

Overview of candles for VAZ

  • Three-electrode Japanese candles NGK BUR6ET are a very common option. Bench tests show good engine stability and a good gain of power - 4.4% (all parameters listed are compared with the “native” VAZ candles EZ A17DRM). They are also economical in terms of gas mileage (3.9%). Here are some candles better for VAZ2114.
  • Beru Ultra-X 79 French candles (4 electrodes) are the least toxic of all the candles that have passed the bench tests and described in this article.In addition, these candles showed the greatest fuel economy (4.2%). However, they are slightly inferior to Japanese counterparts in stability and power gain (only 3.7%).
  • Czech Brisk Extra three-electrode candles turned out to be the most stable. In addition to stability, they provided a serious increase in engine power - by as much as 4.8%. However, their serious disadvantage was a slight saving of gasoline. Deciding which candles are better for Kalina, many stop at this option due to its reliability.
  • The best indicator of the gain in power (> 6%) from the tested samples of candles are single-electrode Finwhale. At the same time, they are slightly different in resistance from Brisk Extra and are compared in this parameter with the Japanese candlesticks NGK. At the same time, indicators of economy and toxicity are even worse than those of Brisk Extra.
  • German Champion candles combined the profitability in themselves (4.2%, like in Beru Ultra-X 79) and a good increase in power (5.6%). Possess the same average stability, as well as Beru Ultra-X 79, conceding to all other samples.

Recommendations for choosing candles

When deciding which spark plugs to choose, you need to consider what you want from them. If reliability is the main thing for you, then your option is Brisk Premium, Finwhale or NGK BUR6ET.If you care about fuel economy, then take Champion, Beru Ultra-X 79 or NGK. The maximum performance will be ensured by the candles Finwhale (at the same time the economy will decrease) and Champion (the capacity will be slightly lower, but the economy is much higher). In general, the best candles are original, that is, genuine. Unfortunately, today it is possible, without knowing it, to buy a lot of fakes, which sometimes cause drivers to be disappointed in the products of good companies.

In addition, when servicing a VAZ 2110, which candles are better, the technician will tell you, because this is not as serious a problem as the frequency with which you need to change them. This should be done every 15-20 thousand km.