What do cats like?

Many people love cats and plant them at home for various reasons. These gentle and warm animals bring a smile into our life, although there are times when they grieve us. A happy and healthy cat will only give you joy, and to make your pet happy, you just need to know that cats love.

First of all, it should be understood that cats love to do only what they want at the moment. For example, you should not force a cat to sleep with you when you lie down, because, despite the fact that cats love to sleep, they are still nocturnal animals, and sleep less at night than during the day.

Pet habits: what cats love

  • Sleep. It is not a secret that cats sleep most of the day. At the same time, those who believe that cats are not sleeping, but merely dozing, are mistaken; you yourself know this if you like to watch your sleeping pet. Do not interfere with your pet's sleep, make it play when it is getting ready for bed or asleep.
  • There is. Cats, like all living things, love to eat. A cat, in contrast to a dog, should always have food in bowls, it may not eat everything you gave at once, but leave it “for later”.Make sure that the food in the bowl does not disappear, besides, the cat should always have water to drink.
  • Lasky. Cats, like dogs, love attention. However, cats love more gentle touches and scratching. Not a single cat can resist scratching behind the ears, or stroking the body from the head to the start of the tail. A useful kind of caress will be - grooming, check cats ears, wool, wipe your eyes.
  • Rub on the master. Especially when he was not at home for a long time, or the cat wants to eat. However, by doing so, it does not just remind you of itself, but also marks you with its smell.
  • Play and hunt. Hunting is in the cat's blood, so the cat loves to play games that resemble hunt, for example, run after moving objects, jump on you because of an ambush.
  • Warm places. Cats love to bask on a sunny day on the windowsill (of course, if it is not a hot summer day), lie down on a warm battery, provide it with access to warm places in your home. However, in summer, the cat needs a cool place, as overheating is still contraindicated for them.
  • Climb higher. Cats love elevated places. Many even climb onto the closet, create an observation point in your cat’s house, which will also be a shelter for her at the same time.
  • CleanlinessCats are still clean, they always keep their wool clean, they can wash for a long time, especially after being touched by an alien (this doesn’t mean that they are soiled, so they get rid of someone’s smell). Make sure that the pot of the cat is always clean.

But in order for your pet to be happy, it is not enough to know that cats love, you also need to know what cats do not like most: wash, cut mats, cut nails and change their place of residence.