What do dreams say?

Every night we die to come to life again at dawn. Sleep is another life in which we play different roles every time. We can be anyone and see anything. Our body rests from a busy, eventful day. The brain makes an analysis of all our actions and actions, our subconscious mind wakes up and actively works, while the consciousness slumbers. Our possibilities are not limited: we can be benefactors, but we can be real villains. It seems to be a game, but sometimes dreams affect our conscious life. So what are dreams about?

Opinion first

Freud believed that dreams tell us only about sex. Is it so? No, they can tell us about everything.

Dream language

Dreams can speak many different languages. They adapt to the person who dreams. Therefore, some people fish for pregnancy, and others for a holiday trip.

You need to learn to understand the language of your subconscious, then every dream will become like a read book, and not a great mystery.

The symbolism of dreams

Dreams do not have their own logic and words, they show us their characters, coding words and common concepts. All images of our dreams are born in the subconscious.Therefore, after the words: “I am sick”, we can see pictures, for example, of a dirty dark river, in which you need to swim. Saying to myself: “I can’t cope with such work, it’s too hard for me”, we can see in a dream how, having lost control, we get into a terrible accident.

Having learned to understand the language of our dreams, we will easily decode such signs, because everything that we think about hard during the day, we see at night, at first glance, in incomprehensible pictures.

Second opinion

Now let's consider the opinion of psychologists about what dreams are talking about.

Often dreams warn us about an impending disease. So Aristotle thought more. Now we know that serious illnesses warn us about our arrival in a dream for a year or two before the onset, a disease with complications for a month or two, and mild colds for a day or two.

Internal organs give a signal to our brain about irritations that cause or can cause damage to them, and this information penetrates us when we sleep. Nerve impulses sent by diseased organs may be very weak at the time when we are awake, but when we rest we may dream, as if a head, leg, stomach, liver, etc.

The doctors.Wayne - a popular psychoanalyst who works in Chinese medicine, believes that dreams are real indicators of people's health, they clearly catch the slightest distress.


What do dreams say when we see how we bathe in very cold water, walk in the snow or pour ice shower? A head and nose may not be clear form or disfigured at all. Maybe the opposite: heat, hot sun, even desert, open flame, thirst. All this means that the body temperature has risen and a cold will come very soon.


Dreaming that you are pulling something out of your throat? Or maybe you swallow thorny, rough objects, even glass? Speak, but do not hear yourself? Such dreams foreshadow illnesses of the throat.

Thus, by associating and following your dreams, over time you can learn how to predict diseases in order to carry out prevention and eliminate them even before they appear.

Erotic dreams

Sexual dreams occur from time to time to almost every person. There is nothing abnormal and shameful about it. These dreams can tell a lot about you.Dreamed of sexual intercourse? Do you think - just nonsense? No, this dream can tell a lot about your love relationship.

Psychologists believe that such dreams can not be regarded as secret desires of a sexual nature. The exception is when a person dreams of a person to whom the sleeper experiences attraction.

Women often experience irritation and pricks of conscience for having a former star, star or just a stranger, not a husband, in an erotic dream. Do not worry! In any case, in a dream - the safest sex!

Dreams, including erotic ones, often try to compensate the sleeper with what he does not receive in his conscious, real life. Try to understand what dreams are talking about, make friends with them, then they will be able to tell you very, very much!