What do massage?

Massage refers to such things in which it is undesirable to improvise. Touching the human body, we must remember the eternal rule of all physicians "Do no harm!". But during the massage we act mechanically, not only on the skin receptors, but also on the reflex zones. One wrong click and you can leave a person disabled. Therefore, starting to master various techniques, read as much as possible about the whole art of massage in general, and about what you are doing massage in particular.

What is used in the massage

Of course, the first and main instrument remains human hands. They are agile, fast, they feel what should be the power of pressing, in which places it is necessary to press and in which to iron. This is the most sensitive and agile tool. Mastering the massage with your hands is quite easy, it is usually enough to unlearn the courses. Hands should be soft, without calluses, necessarily warm. Another condition for the hands - the presence of physical strength and lack of constraint in the movements. Sometimes massage therapists have to knead for years the developed and painful muscle rollers, so you need to be strong and enduring in such work.

Massage by banks

The second type of massage, which is gaining more and more popularity - massage with cans. This interesting technique is based on the effect on skin receptors by the vacuum that is created inside the can. For massage, they use both glass jars, with a volume of at least 200 ml, and plastic, soft jars, which are made specifically for massage. The answer to the question of what is needed for massage by banks is quite simple, we remember all this from childhood. This jar, petroleum jelly or any massage oil, a metal object, long and thin, is wound on cotton wool soaked in alcohol or ether. And a lighter to the wick set on fire. The wick is set on fire, a bank is held over it for a few seconds, then it is attached to the skin, which has been preliminarily greased with oil. When several cans are attached, you can start moving them along the lines that are generally accepted in the massage.


And another effective way to massage - spoons. You need to know him if you are interested in how to do a facial massage. It is often used in cosmetic massages. When you touch the skin with a spoon, pressure is applied, smoothly rolling the spoon from one edge to the other.The skin must first be lubricated with a nourishing cream, which is very well absorbed in the whole process of massage.

Massages are also made with feet (for radiculitis and back pains), and various massagers, jade, acidic, wire (for headaches), ribbons of wooden balls or hedgehogs, which are attached to long rope handles, so that you can easily reach all over the back. .

Massage cosmetics

Massage should always be done by brushing the surface of the skin with any oily healing composition. His choice depends on the purpose of which the massage is prescribed - relaxation, toning, after injury, etc. There are many massage gels and creams, on the packages of which you can read the appointment. But if you didn’t manage to buy anything of this kind, use an ordinary children's cream (not “Tik-Tak” and others, namely “Children's”). But if it is not, then any vegetable oil, sunflower, olive, corn, mustard oil, etc., will do. Only after such a massage will you have to wash yourself properly with soap.

In addition, the massage is done with honey against cellulite, with ice for arthritis injuries, arthrosis. But all these procedures, remember always, must be prescribed by a doctor and performed by a professional specialist.