What do you think will happen to the state budget in 2015 in connection with the events in Ukraine?

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Well what? Infringement of the rights of the Russian people. Benefits will be reduced, and everyone will spend on refugees. No, you do not think, sorry for them, of course, the war, I had to leave my native cities and all that. And we are in Russia, not people or what? Child allowance 100 rubles! Just think - 100 rubles. And what will you buy on them? 4 loaves of bread? And feed the baby with this bread all month? Yes, we are parents - we have to provide for our children ourselves, but on the other hand, how many refugees are they given out for a day? 600 rubles per person? Well, yes, this is clearly "less" 100 rubles per child. In any case, the state will continue to support the refugees, but that will be too soon. I don�t know how in other districts, but they don�t even want to work with us, you see, our local people can work on combine harvesters and take care of cattle, but they won�t throw shit with a shovel.The budget should be spent on those who really need it, and not on those who happened to this with our country - they would not let it go.
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I think the government will be able to decompose the budget so that everyone has enough. and the fact that Russia does not abandon proved in practice
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I think that you need to go about your business))) but for some reason than a person is more dissatisfied = bydlee to him, as a country, to rule better))) and who have the mind to think ahead , he knows that everything is going right =)) the state is like a big big business))) you might think that every selfish and selfish Vyak knows better than anyone how to run a business, how to organize thousands of people and other people's budgets, when he doesn�t have enough money to get rich judging by the declared pettiness))) After all, in business everything is harder than an ass to wipe lazily as if working for an uncle)) the state is more business)) here are the economy, and strategies, and competition and serious threats to the world and responsibility for consequences, where every step should be thin and better s all not very good)) and so realize that in matters of peace policy capabilities are strategically more important things than some $ 100 already not distressed people.It should be a shame to beg for something to yourself when there are people who are worse off. PEOPLE. it's not about passports. but in humanity. No one has the right to inhumanity.