What does it mean if the dream is the same?

Not everyone can boast a variety of dreams. Some people do not remember their dreams at all, but there are those who often see the same dream. Well, if this is a pleasant dream, but when a nightmare is seen every night, he may go insane. However, you should not panic, you need to understand this situation. Below you will learn what it means if you often have the same dream.

What does it mean if you dream the same dream?

Through sleep, a person communicates with his subconscious, which, like a crooked mirror, distorts reality. For this reason, the dream does not need to be taken literally. It is necessary to try to decipher it. Dream books can help here, but they often contradict each other, so a person must find the answer himself. The brain will help him in this, as it is associated with the subconscious. A person who dreams of the same dream must analyze his plot. Sometimes it is meaningless, but you need to dig deeper, then you will be able to catch on and understand what it means.

Often sleep is some kind of warning for the dreamer.You need to comprehend it, perhaps you will find parallels with reality, or later find yourself in a similar situation. In this case, it is necessary to do what the subconscious advises.


If you are dreaming the same dream, remember when it all started. Often, psychologists observe the phenomenon when a person is in a stressful situation. He constantly thinks about his problem, seeks a solution, but cannot accept it. The subconscious in this way tells him how best to proceed. Listen to him, find a rational kernel in your dream. Perhaps this way you can protect yourself from impending danger.


Often people have dreams that come true. But most often it becomes a reality recurring dreams. It is advisable to have a diary in which to write down your dreams, so you will not forget them. Reread your notes more often, perhaps in them you can find the answer to a question that has tormented you for a long time.

In addition, sleep is a great opportunity to look into the future. Remember that it is changeable, and you can avoid danger if you listen to your sleep.Do not dismiss it, because your carelessness can cost you dearly.

Astral travel

Esotericists believe that in a dream the soul of a person travels through other worlds, and a dream is the result of her wanderings. You just need to take the plot and not think about it. However, you can use this property of the soul to your advantage, for example, to look into the future, to visit in the past. This ability can be developed, but for this you need a mentor, because the person himself can not cope. Moreover, you need to move a certain line beyond which not very friendly creatures will wait. They can be overcome only by coping with their fear, and this is not for everyone.

Often a dream is nonsense, but it is only at first glance. You just need to decompose it into symbols, and then see their interpretation in the dream book.