What does BTI do?

Alexander Smaznev
Alexander Smaznev
February 2, 2015
What does BTI do?

If you have previously had to engage in privatization, donating or buying an apartment, then you have already come across an organization such as BTI. What is BTI?

The abbreviation BTI stands for Bureau of Technical Inventory. What does BTI do? Specialists of this organization are engaged in the study of the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of real estate, taking into account these objects, as well as archival storage of information about the technical condition of buildings and its changes over time.

BTI functions

The main functions of the BTI is to conduct a study of the technical condition of buildings (inventory) and design technical and cadastral passports.

Inventory happens:

  • primary - when entering the building in operation;
  • unscheduled - in the legalization of alterations or transactions with the apartment;
  • when the characteristics change - in the case of reconstruction or demolition of the house.

After the inventory, the owner of the apartment or house can get technical and cadastral passports for his property in this organization.

The cadastral passport contains the information necessary for registering ownership of an apartment or house (a brief description of the premises and its graphic plan).

The technical passport records information about the address of the object, its owners, the date of putting the house into operation, the materials from which the house is built, the percentage of its wear and tear, the inventory value. Also, the technical passport contains detailed floor plans of the property with an indication of all sizes and information about unauthorized alterations (if they were).

What is BTI for?

Technical inventory of objects is carried out:

  • when putting capital construction objects into operation;
  • in real estate transactions (in the case of privatization of apartments, mortgages, if minor owners are involved in the transaction);
  • in the legalization of unauthorized alterations;
  • on the basis of the inventory value of the apartment, the price of notary services is calculated.