What dream sandals

A dream in which a woman sees or buys sandals, at first glance, does not seem to be anything special or significant. But what if this detail in a dream appears very bright, emphasizes attention or even scares? Perhaps the subconscious wants to tell us something.

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sleep sandals
What does the dream about sandals

East Dream

To see new sandals on his feet - a dream foreshadows the onset of a joyous strip.

But rub them corn - beware of becoming an object for gossip and ridicule.

Old sandals in your vision warn that you should not be too critical to speak, otherwise you can make enemies.

Dream Dream Thelomena

White sandals in the female vision - a sign of a quick proposal of marriage.

But to see red shoes in a dream is an alarming sign. Perhaps someone is spreading gossip about you. This will bring a lot of excitement, you will have to spend a lot of energy to restore your honest name.

If you buy or see new sandals - a dream suggests that soon the relationship you are in will move to a new stage of development. Lonely people dream predicts a quick acquaintance that will change your life for the better.

High-heeled sandals mean that in reality you are not comfortable with the current situation. You strive to bring revitalization into your life and are ready for decisive actions, for example, searching for a loved one, job or partners. Also, the high heel of summer shoes symbolizes your ambitions, the desire for growth in a dream.

According to the dream book, sandals on the platform in a dream - a sign that in reality you do not have enough life support. Perhaps you are at a crossroads, afraid of the consequences of the decision. In this case, it is best to seek advice from a good friend who wishes you well.

A dream in which you try on summer shoes, says that at the moment you are puzzled by the search for a new partner. Perhaps you are trying to make a choice between two men.

Buying sandals foreshadows acquaintance that will grow into a love relationship. In addition, sleep means better financial position.

When asked what dreams of sandals that you have lost and cannot find, the dream book of Felomen does not answer very happily. Such a dream foreshadows failure. Small matters can be delayed, they will require a lot of time and effort.Due to unforeseen obstacles, plans will have to be moved indefinitely.

But if in a dream you put on this summer shoes, the subconscious says that you are ready to acquire a new life experience. Soon this opportunity will be presented. Wait for an unusual, but interesting offer.

Dream for the family

Torn shoes in a dream foreshadows the news that will upset you. But if the dream was seen on Tuesday night, then the bad will suddenly turn out good.

Wearing someone else's sandals in a dream is a sign that you will soon lose a girlfriend.