What dreams of a tram

Dreamed of a tram? Recall the details of what he saw, to find out the most accurate value of sleep by dream books.

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Tram had a dream
Tram had a dream

Seasonal dream

To see a tram in a dream - to petty cares and troubles, feelings, fatigue or the appearance of guests who live nearby.


I dreamed of a tram - you will easily overcome difficult cases, solving all problems; got into a transport or rode in it - you will find a good way to overcome obstacles and obstacles to the desired goal.

Dream Medea

The tram on the dream book is a symbol of movement in real life, a reflection of the wretched and limited by material difficulties and domestic inconveniences of existence. A trip in a tram - to the difficult life period. To enter the tram - to simplify life, to get out of it - to positive changes.

Sonic Fedorovskoy

Riding in a tram - the dream promises the disappearance of the causes of unrest and feelings, harmony and peace.

To see a passing tram is an omen of an early opportunity for the realization of the most cherished desires.

Huge high tram in a dream - a warning of serious danger. A quick ride in a small low tram - to successfully overcome all difficulties.

Female dream book

The dreamed tram is a symbol of the enmity of someone around and their strong desire to harm you.

Wait for the tram - soon start an adventurous and dangerous, but doable enterprise.

To have a dream where you are peacefully riding a tram - to the successful completion of your undertakings. At the same time getting into an accident is faced with complications and obstacles to the goal.

Huge high tram in a dream - a warning of serious danger. A quick ride in a small low tram - to successfully overcome all difficulties.


A tram in a dream - the forerunner of a noisy visit of guests.

To stand at the bus stop waiting for the tram - to temporary hitch and barriers in business.

A pleasant trip by tram - to the successful implementation of the planned; a trip in crowded and crush - to obstacles, disputes and conflicts.

Dream dream bitch

Why dream of a tram: to see him - a warning about the intrigues of enemies and persistent attempts to interfere with your plans.

A trip in a tram is a good finale of the cases started; very fast - the rapid completion of enterprises and getting the desired.

Modern dream book

A dream where you saw a tram is a reminder that you should fulfill an important task entrusted to you.

Were in a tram - you are waiting for disappointments, disagreements and disputes with unpleasant persons; rode in it - your dreams are fruitless: love, wealth, a beautiful and happy life are still unattainable and will remain only in your dreams.