What dreams of riding?

Alisa Verbova
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What dreams of riding?

In dreams, we often perform the same actions as in life, but their meaning is sometimes completely different. What dreams of riding? Dream books give an exhaustive answer to this question.

  • Riding in the car - you have to fall in love, there will be pleasant chores.
  • Riding - the symbol depends on the horse: a calm horse - fortunately in the family, an unbroken horse with a snap - a harbinger of bad luck.
  • If you are only a witness of riding, then you should prepare for change.
  • Changes in life are coming and in the event that in a dream you are driving on public transport, and the further you leave, the bigger the changes will be.
  • Suddenly saw yourself riding in a wheelchair? Do not worry, this dream promises you excellent health!
  • And if your transport is unusual, for example, do you ride a bear, a bull, an elephant, or another exotic animal? You are lucky, this is an absolute success in any life situation!