What if the child does not speak?

Children are the meaning of life of each parent, and any misfortune is perceived many times more acutely than ordinary problems or personal experiences. This is normal!

Every person, including a child, is unique and his development is the constitution of his organism, personality, character. If a child does not speak at 2 years old - this is not yet a cause for concern, especially since it is known that boys often begin to speak only from 2 or 2.5 years old and grow without deviations.

Now let's look at the question in detail.

If the child does not speak in 4, 3, 2 years

There are the following reasons why children may be late in speaking:

  • neurological cause;
  • the reason for the lack of hearing (full or partial);
  • speech apparatus and articulation are not developed;
  • does not want to talk because so far there is no such desire. but healthy. In this case, an important role is played by temperament, character, interest;
  • unfavorable atmosphere in the family (do not quarrel and do not scandal with the child, do not drink and do not drag the drinking companions into the house, do not show your bad mood, much less do not take out the dissatisfaction with the child).

Now we use the exception method - visit a qualified neurologist, ENT and speech therapist (necessarily qualified, and not a visit for the sake of a visit!). If speech development is delayed by reason of health, this will be revealed in the three specialists listed above, and they will already prescribe a course of treatment for you.

But! If all these experts do not identify problems that could adversely affect the development of the child (or rather his speech), stop tormenting the child with your anxiety. You designate a course of educational games for your genius, it is very important.

Child speech development

If the child does not speak, talk to him yourself. Just say, do not lisp and do not distort the words. He distorts the words due to the underdevelopment of articulation and speech apparatus, and not because he does not know how to pronounce. One should not think that if he does not speak, he does not understand your words and does not know them - this is a huge mistake. Is the fact that radio waves are not visible, it means that they do not exist? The same is your child: his potential is much higher than your adult. It is much better and faster to learn another couple of languages ​​up to 5-8 years than you will.

Why is this so? Because the child’s brain is a sponge that absorbs everything at high speed and at ease.You just have one thing - to give the child the information that is useful to him and in the right quantity. Develop the potential of your child. It's so important!

No need to teach your child TV, especially now! He will still have the opportunity to watch it, and if a child’s knowledge base is prepared, he will be ready to watch it. That is, to look and filter negative, incorrect information.


Communicate with your child often and seriously, joke with him and play, make comments. Suppose he does not respond with familiar words, but he understands, knows and speaks in his own language with intonation and expression. Is not it?! And that means - will speak, when the time comes. Communicate with him as an adult, explain why it is impossible, as it should, why it happened. Be ashamed when naughty. New clothes try on and show in the mirror, admire and praise, etc. etc.

Express your love for him adequately, not manic.


Let the child be independent: to fall - to stand, to disassemble - to assemble, to wear - to remove, to pull out - to lay. Do not stifle your attention. Independence leads to reflection - internal conversation.Internal conversation becomes necessary, it means - it develops and turns into speech. If the child did not speak, perhaps you are depriving him of the opportunity to do this with his readiness to help, when necessary and not necessary.


The game is a tool for easy development and study. It is a pity that adults forget about it. Games have different effects - developing memory, developing tactile sensations, promoting dexterity and dexterity, affecting physical development, etc.

Scientists have identified the connection of tactile sensations with the development of speech, therefore it is recommended to hold finger developmental games with babies even for several months. After all, each of us mothers in childhood made the "White-sided Magpie". This is both nice and very helpful.

Read to children the poems "Teddy Bear", "Horned Goat", "Pied Chickens" and so on. There are a lot of such games, if a child doesn’t like one thing, it can be replaced by ten others. Brilliant - easy!

Play hide and seek with them.

Play with sounds, pronounce syllables for the development of articulation: RA-RO-RO, BA-BO-BU, SAME-ZHI-ZhU, etc.

Educational toys

In fact, there are no non-developing toys, they are simply misused by parents.

Cubes are ordinary Russian - have different colors and stickers with images and the corresponding letters. It will be useful for several years. First, learn to build figures, then learn colors, and then go to the images and eventually we will be familiar with the letters. For an hour or more of these games, your child will both speak and read.

Books illustrated with quatrains or counting. Show pictures and call them read poems, talk about what makes a particular character, talk about colors, texture of emotions. Buy books with different animals. The child will remember them faster if you buy small plastic toys that are usually sold in a set. Simulate the sounds inherent in each animal.


During the walk, the outlook is broadened, and meeting with peers, contact with them and observation, encourage not only physical but also speech activity. Children who have older brothers and sisters with a small difference in age develop much faster because they imitate them, and they in turn involve them in their games.

Grandmothers and grandfathers

It's no secret that grandchildren are the passion of grandparents, they play and communicate with them a lot, they are pleased to tinker with them, and they do it with great love and awe.The children feel it and are drawn to them themselves. However, one should not allow grandmothers to pamper the child excessively and suppress his independence.

If you practice often and play with your child, he will necessarily absorb all of this, he will not show it to you right away, but he will certainly do it in an hour or a week. They remember the words you say to them, and they will surely repeat them, but not immediately. Remember this.

Finally, let me remind one fact from the history of those who complain "and if the child does not speak at 3 years too?" A. Einstein, a famous physicist who made discoveries in the field of physics, spoke only at the age of 4, and the doctor considered him mentally retarded. So here!

It depends on you who your child will be in the future.